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Our souls are always calling us to be our best selves no matter what the situation. There is a distinct path and identity that only we can fulfill. As we mature and gain knowledge, more opportunities arise to change our circumstances as we decide what is important and true for us. Although our jobs, relationships, temperament and location may change, there is an essential part of our nature that always remains. This is our “pure self” that is unlimited. It is unaffected by how much money we make, who we know or how much we know. Discovering this indispensable aspect of our being is the key to finding peace in our changing lives.

Google defines “self” as: “A person's essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially as the object of introspection or reflexive action.” “Essential’ is defined as “Absolutely necessary; extremely important.” So if we want to “know ourselves,” we must continue to seek this deeper aspect of our essential nature.

How do we discover who we are beyond the accepted external means of defining ourselves? It can be a scary prospect to step outside of the ego’s striving and tap into the unknown and shapeless realms of the spirit. I have a friend who is 75 and beginning to feel frightened about the end of his life. He is in excellent health, eats well, exercises and has a full social life. He adores his beloved wife. He owns his home and has retired from a successful career. And he is terrified about getting older and perhaps suffering from dementia or some debilitating illness. With all of his worldly success, he has not tapped into the key nature of his true self yet, the soul. When he does, he will lose his fear of death because he will know that who he truly is exists beyond the earthly roles he plays, and even beyond death.

In the course of a lifetime, we reinvent ourselves many times. In the end, none of our various identities define the vastness of our spirit self; our soul. Our consciousness is limited by time and space in this third dimensional reality unless we endeavor to see beyond the illusion of form and into the infinite. How do we shift our perspective beyond the tiny lens of our third dimensional self? The answer lies within. This inner journey may not be as exciting as a trip to Rome or winning the lottery, but, ultimately, the greatest wealth we discover is in the interior of our soul.

When we learn to listen deeply to our intuition, we tap into the higher self and discover a guiding purpose to our life. This awareness of an invisible, benevolent source can develop in a moment of spiritual awakening or through a steady practice of inner listening or mindfulness. Either way, the result is a profound sense of not being alone. The compass of our soul lights our way. As we discipline ourselves to go within beyond the surface chatter of the mind and changing emotions, we connect with our inner compass that comforts us and directs us into divine right action based on our soul's course.

Are you ready for the adventure? Are you willing to answer the call of your soul’s longing? Confronting the fact that everything in this earthly life is temporary, we can embrace a deep trust in the eternal nature of life that goes beyond this world and become our best selves.

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