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"As Above, So Below"


by Doug DeBoer ~ used with permission



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" Worthiness "


" Love yourself the way the angels do "


" Divine Wisdom "


" Soul's Growth "

liah channeled


Liah works with a council of five guides from Higher Realms known as “Hoiya,” which means joy. This council consists of: a Native American Elder, an angelic guide, a Galactic guide, an Ayurvedic doctor from India, and a Fairy guide. Each guide specializes in a certain area of life to answer your questions with clarity and compassion. They blend their voices into one voice to speak through Liah during the psychic/channeled messages.

readings by liah

          @ HarmanVisions ~ used with permission


"My mission in life is to feel connected to Love and to help others to feel their connection to
Universal Love and know their Soul's path. It is my intent to be a pure channel for Universal Love and Wisdom
and to teach others to access their Divine Self and Love through readings and classes.
I humbly offer my service to Spirit."