Welcome to Liah's Retreat Questionnaire! 

  1. This is not a test! It is a questionnaire designed to gather information that will help Liah to make the retreat the best possible experience for you. It is also an opportunity for you to share anything you wish to before the event.

    Please note: If you have any debilitating or chronic illness(es) (including mental heath issues) and/or are taking medication, you MUST inform us of this.

  2. Name*
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  4. Part I
  5. Why do you want to attend the retreat? What do you hope to gain from attending?
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  7. What are your spiritual practices? Please describe . . .
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  9. Have you had any psychic experiences or with psychic abilities? If so, what was that like?
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  11. How would you like to use your intuition?
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  13. Describe yourself in three words:
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  15. If there was one thing you could change or improve in your life what would it be? How does your intuition fit into these changes or improvements?
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  17. At the end of the retreat and as you return to your daily life, how would you like to incorporate some of the things we’ve learned or explored?
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  19. Part II
  20. Do you make most choices with your mind or your heart?
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  22. Under stress, I generally become . . .
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  24. Change for me is usually . . .
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  26. The quality I embrace most is . . .
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  28. Are there any questions or concerns you would like to communicate to Liah?
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