Channeled Messages from Hoiya

Greetings from Hoiya

Liah's "Council of Guides"

Greetings Beloveds! We do come in this time to offer you some information to help you connect to your highest selves, to help you to remember that Heaven is possible here on the Earth, that there is more love and joy than you have ever imagined. So, we start by saying to you that Channeling is the process of moving aside the personal: the personal desires, the personal expectations, the personal thoughts. Pushing them aside as though you were putting them into a little box under your chair or besides yourself, putting all of that into a little box…and saying for now, we will put this personal stuff in here and instead be willing to be a vessel and a vehicle for the Divine. For you are anyway (humorously), but what happens is the chatter of the mind does get in the way and it does make it very difficult for the wisdom and guidance and love and light that is so ready to be shining forth from you, to come in. So, when you do say, “I wish to be a Channel of Love and Light” and you have the willingness to put aside the personal, Spirit is there and Spirit will come.

So, Channeling is quite normal and it will become more and more normal as more and more people do acknowledge that they do channel every day, in some way anyway. But it is to become conscious of when it is happening, whether it is when one is going for a walk with a friend and one feels the words of divine inspiration coming forth and suddenly the friend does find they are uplifted and healed in some way. For that is also one of the purposes for channeling Spirit; it is the healing. The healing of the little wounded parts that lie within the memories and the mind of each of your selves. In Channeling, one is able to get past all of that and to remember by experiencing, rather than thinking about, by actually experiencing the love that is so readily there. It is like the difference between being in a little tiny room and in being in a large ballroom where the ceiling is very high and expanded and beautiful and everywhere you look, there is beauty around instead of being in a little dark room of the self. So, we invite you to step into the ballroom of life and start dancing (spoken with uplifted voice), instead of staying shut into a little room in your own home. So to do this, it does require one to be still within their own self. So, we would suggest that there is a practice of some kind of stilling the mind each day. It does not have to be simply sitting, although that is very beneficial. It could also be walking with mindfulness; with bringing the attention into that present moment. For as you become more and more aware of where your consciousness is in each moment and what it is doing, then the stillness can happen. The little places in between the noise get larger and the quiet grows and as the quiet grows, so does your connection to Spirit.

So each day, find a place and time to be quiet, to let the mind be still, to let the emotions come to rest. And then after you have a feeling of peacefulness, you invite your highest self to come forth and to join you as though it were a sacred invitation to join you; to join you in your life, to join you in your heart, your body, your mind, your soul, all of this, to become one. You already are, but it does help when you do put that invitation out almost as though there was a friend that you have not seen in a long time and you wanted friend to come over and visit. Feel the excitement! Allow yourself the excitement of inviting in your highest self. And then if any feelings of unworthiness come -- I am not good enough…for this is what sometimes happens to the mind. The little personal self will say, “Well, I have not meditated enough,” or “I have not prayed enough,” or “I have not been still enough,” or “I have not been good enough," or “I have not been…” so on and so on…and this does happen. What you must do is to push that aside and use the image of the little box again. Say for now, “I put all of this into this little box and I let go.”

Channeling is about entering into the unknown. The mind so very much wants to know what it is going to think and what it is going to do and what the agenda is for life, for the moment, for each experience. It does have an idea and when one says, “I do wish to Channel,” you have to put aside the agenda and trust. So, in your own life, the more that you can let yourself put aside the personal agendas of each thing you are doing, what is it that you are doing…when you are at work, are you finding yourself wanting to control what is happening? You see, it all comes back down to control. Channeling is about giving up control in a very sacred way, in a very trusting way, like the way a baby does trust its mother to be there to hold them and keep them safe. So, whether you are channeling your higher self, divine wisdom in this way or you are channeling information from your guides whom you have made agreements with in this lifetime, it always does come to trust. Can you first create a space where you feel safe? Do you feel safe in your own body, in your own home? How can you make a place that feels safe for you? Fill it with light, fill it with love, surround yourself with light and love and affirm that only the highest and best will come through. And invite only the highest and best to come through. Say a prayer and then…trust.

So, channeling will be different for different people, just as one person can sing a song in a high note and another person sings a song in a low note and one person would sing it very quickly and one would sing it very slowly…that for each person will develop their own way of channeling. It will be a personal relationship with their highest self or with their guides. So what happens is there is an energy merging and the personal is set aside. The body or vehicle is left there to receive…almost like if you were to imagine the way a vase does hold water. So, the body is there ready to receive this beautiful gift from Spirit. So, then what needs to happen is that there must be the receiving of what is being offered and that is felt in the body and in the emotions and in the mind. It is the spiritual use of these things to bring information and the trick is to be able to somehow speak it out or to share it or to sing it or to dance it; to somehow have expression of it. So sometimes in the beginning, it is just to receive and to practice receiving the presence of Spirit; to invite Spirit in and then asking your guides or Spirit to step out of your aura, out of your physical space and feeling the difference. But then it does again come back to trust, for what if you are getting a very strong feeling to say something, it is so strong, it does feel as though the words wish to jump out of the mouth, but there is the fear that is holding them back? For sometimes in the beginning this is what happens: A person will feel that they will say the wrong thing. "I will sound very silly," "I will look ridiculous," all of these things; put them back in the box and just open the mouth, just open the mouth and let what’s going to come out, come out. And not to worry; think of a good friend that you have, a really good friend. A friend who you know would never hurt you no matter what. That this friend who you know loves you just the way that you are and multiply that by 10 billion and you might have an idea how much Spirit loves you and accepts you and is willing to work with you in whatever stage you are in, in your development. You do not have to be more perfected to channel. Anyone can channel with a pure heart and a quiet mind. So, that is all we wish to share in this time. We do thank you for asking about Channeling, for we do see that there are many who are interested in this. And we do encourage those who have the feeling for being called to do this, to go ahead and to find a teacher to help with this. For just as though one is learning anything, if there is some instruction, guidance and support, it does help one to develop.

We now send you much light and love and blessings…Namaste.

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