Psychic Development and Channeling Classes 


Liah Howard has been teaching classes in
psychic development and channeling since 1989.
Many of her students have gone on to become professional psychics
on radio, cruise ships, Internet, and in their own private businesses.

 Classes can help you to :

  Feel more confident

  Trust your intuition and know your guidance

  Help others in their lives

  Live a more fulfilling life

  Know your soul’s path and purpose

  Be more successful in your life

Before taking classes please read this class preparation information page first

"Class Preparation"

Level I – Beginner: Introduction to Psychic Development and Channeling

Class 1 - Preparing Yourself and Your Space to Open Up Psychically

  • Enhance your natural ability to be psychic and access your deepest knowing. This class provides an overview of the path to Psychic Development and the benefits and objectives of the 20 class series.  What is channeling? How will I benefit from developing my intuition? What are the qualities of an effective psychic? A solid foundational beginning, guided meditation and tools for Psychic practice are included.

Class 2 - Connecting to Your Guides/Higher Self, Getting a Sign from your Spirit

  • This class provides preparation and exercises to begin opening to channel divine energy through the body. Learn specific cues to sensing energy in the body and to access a direct connection to your guides and your higher self. Deepen your ability to interpret the messages you receive. Develop increased body awareness and understand the importance of trust in yourself as you open to connecting with your guides and higher frequencies. Guided meditation is included.

Class 3 - Integrating the Parts of the Self and Aligning Oneself to Channel

  • In this class, learn to bring all of yourself to the psychic and channeling experience. Through exercises and guided meditation, discover how to unite and integrate the many parts of the self: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and free will. Remove fears and stress that get in the way of receiving your clear intuitive guidance. Allow higher support to free you from psychic attachments and expectations so that you can become a clear channel for higher frequencies.

Class 4 - Receiving Messages from Your Divine Higher Self through the Dimensions

  • In this class, learn to access your soul self and visit past and future lives. Discover the gifts you have already developed in those lives and learn how to apply them to this lifetime.  Experience how to deepen your intuition through guided meditation and practical exercises. 

Class 5 - Balancing the Left and Right Brains to Access Higher Frequencies

  • In this class, gain a deeper understanding of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and how the roles of masculine and feminine principles impact our intuitive knowing. Through exercises and guided meditation, receive specific tools to harmonize and optimize the brain's ability to channel and be psychic.

Level II – Beginner/Intermediate: Psychic Self-Protection and Clarifying the Messages You Receive

Class 6 - Chakra Balancing and Clearing and Cord Cutting

  • In this class, learn powerful techniques to balance and clear the chakras and release unwanted psychic cords. Discover the specific qualities of the seven main chakras and the benefits of balancing them to feel more fully alive. Enjoy the freedom of your own finely tuned psychic space. Guided meditation is included.

Class 7 - Aura Cleaning, Room Clearing and Banishing Negative Energy

  • In this class, learn techniques to empower yourself to cleanse negative energy in your aura and in your environment. Understand the size, quality and colors in your auric field and how to recognize and work with the auras of others you wish to help. Discover how to take responsibility for keeping your own psychic space clean in order to be effective as a channel. Includes a powerful guided meditation.

Class 8 - Clarifying Messages through Listening to your Body, Mind, and Emotions

  • In this class, we discover the body's cues to access the intuition. Through guided meditation and exercises, learn to empty the mind, clear away biases and heal the emotions to become an open vessel for communication from Spirit. Understand how to incorporate a synthesis of mind, body and soul in order to receive clear messages.

Class 9 - The Healthy Inner Child- The Seat of Your Intuitive Knowing

  • This class teaches the importance and simplicity of inner child healing work and several specific tools to celebrate this vital relationship between our adult self and our inner child. Discover how to make friends with your inner child in order to reignite the joy, faith, and courage to be psychic. Learn to eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors. A guided meditation is included.

Class 10-  Working with Specific Symbols and Pictures in Conjunction with your Guides

  • In this class, learn to develop symbols and pictures that provide a personal code of communication with your guides, so that you can give more detailed, accurate readings. Through exercises and guided meditation, discover how to interpret symbols and pictures and dreams and how to integrate them into the messages from your guides and higher self.

Level III – Intermediate: Deepening Your Connection, and Developing Your Unique Reading Style

Class 11 - Integrating Healing into the Psychic Sessions

  • This class teaches how to assist your clients, family or friends to return to a state of alignment with their soul and their life's purpose.  Discover how to connect with your healing gifts and apply them in your sessions. With the help of exercises and guided meditation, learn how to read a person's energy field, and receive information for their health and well-being. By allowing others to be healed, we are healed also.

Class 12 - Learning How to Optimize All of Your Psychic Abilities

  • In this class, you have the opportunity to tap into your specific modes of intuition: clairsentience, clairvoyance, telepathy, and mediumship. Synthesize these styles of receiving information and become a more sensitive and skilled psychic. Through exercises and guided meditation, you will learn how to responsibly convey messages from the deceased to the living.

Class 13 - Deepening the Trance State

  • In this class, you will learn specific practices to relax the body, relax the mind, develop deep concentration and ultimately go beyond concentration to merge back into your true soul nature. Surrender and open to the higher realms. Through guided meditation and exercises, you will learn to merge with the wisdom of your guides and your higher self.

Class 14 - Using Tools such as Cards, Pendulums, Psychometry, and Dowsing

  • In this class, you will learn to apply various tools to assist you in your psychic readings. Discover how to use divination tools to make better choices and also to validate and expand your intuitive knowing. Learn to trust yourself and rest in the certainty that you are your own best psychic tool. Guided meditation included.

Class 15 - Clearing Away Fears and Blocks So You Can Follow Your Intuitive Knowing

  • In this class, you will learn the benefits of integrating all the parts of the self, and apply this wholeness to becoming a stronger, more committed psychic and intuitive person. Build your confidence in all the skills you have learned and discover how to release any challenges in your way. Through practice and guided meditation, you will discover how to release fear in exchange for trust in your higher wisdom.

Level IV – Advanced: Becoming a Psychic Practitioner

Class 16 - Doing Psychic Readings at Fairs, Events, Parties, and Other Venues

  • In this class, learn the skills and techniques to do professional psychic readings at public events.  Explore the answers to your questions:  Am I ready to be seen in public as a psychic?   Is it my destiny to reach a larger population?  Can I stay centered in chaotic surroundings?  Through exercises and guided meditation, discover ways to build a reputation of trust and respect in your community as you work in public venues. 

Class 17 - Doing group psychic readings and sessions via phone, Skype, radio and television

  • In this class, you will explore and identify several venues for promoting and performing psychic readings. Learn how to read for couples and for groups. Explore a wide variety of media for performing your work:  psychic readings on the phone and via skype, hosting your own radio show and appearing on TV to do psychic readings. A guided meditation will help you develop the courage to expand into these areas.

Class 18 - Developing a Business and Marketing Plan

  • In this class, you will receive tools to draft a comprehensive plan for your psychic business. Exercises and guided meditation will assist you to develop a successful marketing strategy, including clear vision and mission statements, measurable goals, your target market, advertising, promotion and pricing.

Class 19 - Offering Your Services to Others via Internet & Social Network Marketing

  • In this class, you will learn how to advertise and promote your psychic business in the most up-to-date modes, including social media. It is said that, "Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business, but not telling anyone."  This class covers pricing, availability, and scheduling for your sessions and readings. Learn how to allow yourself to go global, so that you can connect with clients from around the world. Guided meditation included.

Class 20 - Becoming a Responsible Psychic Practitioner with Integrity & Respect

  • In this final class, discover how to build a strong sense of ethics into your psychic business. Exercises and guided meditation enable you to learn and practice high standards and guidelines for confidentiality and professionalism. Allow integrity and respect to become the hallmark of your psychic practice.

Benefits of Taking This Series

1. A safe, supportive environment to access and trust the presence and guidance of your higher self, spirit guides, and angelic helpers.
2. Several approaches to channeling that will address different learning styles. People learn in a variety of ways, for example, some are more visual, or auditory, or kinesthetic.
3. Being the clearest channel you can be by clearing out fears related to channeling, and releasing limited beliefs and old ways of being that do not serve you anymore.
4. Learning to live your life from a place of trusting your intuitive knowing.
5. Being with others in this learning process and sharing insights, messages, and joy.

Guidelines for Taking a Class in Psychic Development and Channeling

Thank you for taking the time and energy to access your inner knowing. Here are a few guidelines for this program:

  • Eat lightly before the class and drink plenty of water.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can breathe in easily. Cotton is best.
  • Have water, pen and paper available with your class materials.
  • Have a special item to meditate with or place on your altar. This could be a special stone, crystal, a shawl, scarf, mala, jewelry or sacred object.

Before enrolling in this course, there are a few things to take into consideration first. Please review this information and see if you meet the requirements for the class. Please be honest with yourself. If you need to wait until you have more available time or are free of substances in your system, then it is best to defer taking the class now and sign up for it when you will be able to give it your optimum commitment and attention with a clear mind. This ensures that you will get the best results.

1. Since we want you to have the most positive experience possible and to connect with the highest frequency in your psychic work, it is strongly suggested that you be completely drug and alcohol free. If you are using substances now, you will need to wait at least 40 days for them to clear out of your system. This is for your protection as drugs and alcohol can lower your vibrational frequency, and that lower state can invite negative entities in. Please abstain during the entire time you are taking this course. (Yes, pot is considered a drug.)

2. As with any art, it takes time to develop the skills. Psychic development and channeling require time to practice. There is also recommended reading, exercises and meditations. You will need to be able to set aside time in your schedule daily to: a) meditate b) practice opening to your guides c) journal d) read and e) walk. These requirements address the process of preparing your body, mind and soul for opening up to the psychic realm. You will need to be able to set aside a minimum of 45-60 minutes per day for the above activities.

3. It is important that you have a regular place where you can practice. You will need to set aside a small area in your home, office or yard where you will not be disturbed. It will be a space just for you where you can meditate and connect with your guides. If you do not have this space now, are you willing to create it? It is suggested that you also set up a small altar with inspiring sacred items.

4. It is extremely helpful that you have people in your life who support you in your psychic development. It is recommended that you have find at least one other person to practice the exercises with. If there is no one in your vicinity, then you will need to find someone either via telephone or Internet. The practices are experiential and therefore must be developed through contact with another. If, however, you are restricted from phone and Internet and there is no one you know to practice with, then you will need to get a tape recorder and use that to record questions, and then respond to them from your deeper psychic state.

5. Sometimes people feel guided to develop their psychic gifts, but they harbor old fears or blocks from the past that inhibit their ability to “feel” the answers from their higher self or guides. These uncomfortable feelings may come from past life traumas, present life ridicule of being psychic, or religious beliefs that don’t support the opening of this gift. Sometimes a person has tried another psychic development technique and failed and they fear failing again. You must be willing to confront these fears and limitations and set them aside so that you an access your own Divine Intuition. You may need outside help to clear some of these patterns. This may include hypnosis, therapy or a psychic reading.

In closing, please ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I drug and alcohol free and am I willing to abstain during the duration of this course?
2. Do I have the time in my life now to devote to the homework?
3. Do I have a place where I can practice where I won't be disturbed?
4. Do I have someone to practice with and if not, am I willing to find someone or get a tape recorder to practice with?
5. Am I willing to clear away any past blocks to opening my intuition?

webinars-6awebinars-2Psychic training certificate pdf

What people say about Liah's classes . . . . .

"My life has made a quantum leap since starting this class five weeks ago."
Susan Craig, Interfaith minister, Bonny Doon, CA

"The classes are wonderful! They offer a variety of approaches to developing intuition and channeling skills with loving support and guidance from Liah."
Randy Monk, Sales Representative, Ben Lomond, CA

"Liah is a natural teacher and guide. She skillfully leads us on a journey through our inner wisdom and knowing."
Hope Rhodes, CMP & CHT, Aptos, CA

"Liah is a fantastic teacher! She has made the channeling class fun, enlightening and fulfilling.  My life has changed!"
Sharon Barrington, Marketing Consultant, San Jose, CA

"Liah Howard's channeling class was one of the most amazing, self-empowering experiences I have ever had in my spiritual life. Liah is a caring, compassionate, open-hearted soul and a masterful guide and teacher. I would highly recommend her class to anyone who is seeking to connect more fully to their own true nature, as well as those who wish to assist others with messages of love and healing from their guides and angels.

I have received an immense benefit from listening to the channeling of others for many years, yet it remained a mystical, mysterious process in my mind. Even though I hear my own guidance clearly, I had some reservations and naturally wondered if I was capable of expanding to a deeper level of connection with my Higher Awareness, spirit guides and teachers. Liah set my mind at ease from the first moment we met and inspired me to step into my power and natural psychic ability. She created a safe, nurturing environment to connect more fully to the loving guidance which has always been there to assist me.

Liah’s class was extremely organized, and she presented the material in a clear, easy-going way. There was always a lot of joy, fun and laughter in her class, but Liah didn’t hesitate to challenge me to reach for my highest potential, and I really appreciated that. When I felt nervous about something I’d never done before she gently encouraged me stretch beyond my comfort zone, and over and over again any fear I had melted away. I leaned to trust my intuition and release my self-limiting beliefs and patterns about channeling for others. I found that channeling is actually quite easy when you hold the highest intent. You are literally surrounded by guides and spirit teachers who are ready to help you and your clients evolve and grow, and I was astounded over and over again by the value and accuracy of the guidance given.

Cultivating my natural ability to channel has profoundly assisted me in a multitude of ways. I now hear my own guidance more clearly, and I’m able to use this new skill to better serve my clients. Liah Howard is kind, loving soul and an incredible guide and teacher.  She’ll help you grow to your highest potential, and I give her my whole-hearted recommendation and thanks!"
Douglas DeBoer, Transformational Guide, Hypnotist and Dream Coach

Maui, Hawaii

"Even for someone with innate connection to my Spiritual Guides, that is essentially "channeling," I found Liah's coaching very helpful, and instrumental in strengthening my connections with the Divine. Because of who she is, Liah was able to help me to go to the next level of Divine Connection, therefore a more relaxed me all around, ease into my life and who I am. Ahh... Liah is a beautiful light of love, a channeling coach anyone is lucky to have. I would recommend Liah to anyone who either is merely curious, or desires to uplevel their channeling work."
Bonny, Intuitive Counselor

San Francisco, CA

"Insightful and helpful perspective on issues, given in a supportive manner.
Michael Kappel, CPA

New York, NY

"A wonderful session reconnecting me with my heart and essence."
Terry Record, Furniture Maker

Soquel, CA

"Liah is naturally gifted. Her readings offer refreshing and practical wisdom."
Ian Herkes, Astrologer, Yoga Instructor

Kilauea, HI

"Liah offers a powerful and direct communication with Spirit."
Louise Stewart, PhD. Psychologist

San Francisco, CA

“Liah is an excellent teacher. The online course is systematic, grounded and very thoughtfully presented. Liah makes it fun. I am grateful she has distilled her many years of experience teaching psychic development into these 20 classes! I signed up because I wanted to be more in touch with my intuition for myself and for my work as a hypnotherapist and hospice chaplain. Now I feel more confident and at ease in accessing and using this intuitive knowing.”

Chaplain Savarna Wiley, MA

Santa Cruz, CA

“I completed Liah’s psychic development and channeling classes because I had an interest in developing my conscious connection with my own guides and angels. I wanted to improve my intuition and be more open to communication with loved ones who had passed on. I felt that growing in these ways would help me personally and professionally through my work as a psychotherapist. Liah’s comprehensive course helped me grow in my understanding of my innate capabilities and gave me techniques to employ to increase my psychic and intuitive sensitivity. Now I feel at ease in making and receiving contact from deceased love ones and I utilize the inner guidance from my higher self, guides and angels constantly throughout each day in all my encounters. Her classes enabled me to enjoy the expanded expression of my natural psychic gifts as they blossomed through steady practice and dedication with the methods I learned. I would highly recommend this series of classes to everyone because I grew so much in personal awareness and I am better able to help others too.”

Sharon Salter, MA, LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Port Charlotte, FL

"Liah is truly a gifted medium and trance channel. I have had the good fortune to have had 2 private readings with her and her guides whom she channels and it is the most loving , supportive experience with very specific and helpful answers to whatever questions I asked. I would highly recommend working with her, whether for a reading, or to study with her to maximize your own psychic, intuitive abilities for your benefit or in work with others.Her website is lovely and I especially really enjoyed her guided meditations which are on website. I went to a very deep meditative place within myself with each one. Liah is the Real Deal and truly a gifted soul, person and teacher."

Maureen Dwyer

Burlington, VT

Enrolling in a Class

Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Classes
Private Classes (1 person) – 4 classes $800 per person
Semi-Private Classes (2 people) – 4 classes $500 per person
Small Group Classes (10 or more people) – 8 classes $400 per person
Online Classes – 20 classes for free

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