Channeled Messages from Hoiya


…just as the leaves that are blown from the autumn tree get carried in the wind and then settle on the earth. So, if there is a problem that you have, imagine that it is as a little leaf and let it just settle down, drifting onto the earth. And then you see, Mother Earth can hold the problem. And when you have Mother Earth to help you, the problem begins to feel much, much smaller. Instead of feeling like the problem is the size of a barn, it begins to feel as though the problem is the size of a little marble. It becomes manageable. Serenity, what are you willing to give up for your serenity? For that is what it takes to be serene, to be willing to be without; without expectation, without neediness or wanting, without agendas, to just be in the void. Are you willing to go into the void? Or, is there a part of yourself that would rather hold onto your prison walls, shaking at the bars to get out when the door is open and all you need to do is choose to walk through? Serenity is within you. It has always been, but if your mind is like a mixing bowl with the beaters going around and around and around creating a great deal of noise and commotion, then you do not know that the serenity lies beneath the surface. Forgotten once again for the excitement of the cookies or whatever other mixture you have come up with that is going to bring you satisfaction. The only true satisfaction is peace. Nothing else is going to fill you and sustain you. So, here is our recipe for serenity.

S – Silence each day, go into the silence
E – be Easy on yourself
R – Rest when you are tired; relax, relax, relax
E – Enough, know that who you are is enough,
know that what you have is enough, enough is enough
N – Nurture peace, nurture peace
I – It is all an illusion anyway, your peace is so much more
real than anything you wish for or desire or suffer from.
T – sometimes it is just a matter of Timing. So the problem
that is very big today, may become very small and insig-
nificant tomorrow. Trust, Timing, know that Trust is the
key to serenity.
Y – Yes! It is possible for you to know a deep, deep abiding
peace that is so vast, it emanates from you.

That is our recipe for Serenity. You must take all of these ingredients and mix them together and taste of the sweet, sweet nectar of Serenity. And when you have done this, tasted it, nothing else will ever compare or come close. So sweet children, choose wisely how you spend your days. And remember, Serenity is your birthright. You must claim it. Is there a question?

Can one be serene when there’s chaos all around?

Yes, it is possible for you to embrace serenity while there is chaos and turbulence all around one. Yes, you can know a deep, deep abiding peace that is so vast that it fills you and emanates from you. Do you wish to be a Master? Absolutely. Then practice every change you get. Remember to say to yourself, “My peace is more important than this whatever is bothering me.” Then breathe into your abdomen and feel some space opening up in yourself. Is there another question?

Is there peace in the void of the silence?

Yes. The peace that is there is true peace. When you think about the day, the birds wake up and they chatter and then the humans wake up and they turn on their machines and their mouths move like little motors. And then the cars move and there is much activity, and then through the day, things begin to wind down. The cars come to a stop in the driveway. The people get weary and go to bed. The animals rest. And then the quietness, the quietness that was always there can be heard. It was still there beneath all the chatter and all the noise. But it is in the stillness that it can be felt. So, the peace is always there if you are willing to be like the ice fisherman; to cut through the hole through the layer and to go in. And so now, we must depart. We do wish for you to know that the peace that you feel tonight is like a twinkle in a star. It is part of the star, but there is so much more. So, be open to receiving more.

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"As Above So Below"

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Doug DeBoer  used with permission