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"A Psychic / Channeled reading can help you to know your gifts and understand your challenges."


"The insights gained in a Psychic / Channeled session will help you to make better decisions so you can have a happier, more successful life."


Liah and her guides are so vividly accurate that my reading with her has actually changed my life in so many ways. Liah was able to connect with my loved ones, she was able to accurately see my present situation and accurately portray exactly what is going on in my personal thoughts and feelings. Her guides told me exactly what my soul had been searching for. I went in to this session with her without her having any prior knowledge of my personal situation, and immediately into my reading, she described my exact thoughts, my anxieties, things that were weighing heavy on my heart. She was so accurate in her communication with me, that I knew this was coming directly from my higher self. I had been seeing numbers, repeatedly over and over again, and she was able to tell me what the meaning of this is.. I have been experiencing health issues and despite numerous doctors, she was able to see the exact source of my issues, and has helped me find the solution. This session with Liah was literally life changing for me, I can not thank Liah enough for the guidance and wisdom that she shared with me. My own spirit guides had messages for me, that they knew I was ready to hear, and has literally helped me find my soul's purpose, and what is more special than that??!! Liah has such a gift, and anyone seeking guidance, or confirmation, or words from loved ones, you must see Liah. I actually have seen other intuitives before Liah, and they all have been very accurate, but Liah was able to go further into detail with my questions than anyone before, she gave clear answers, and her descriptions of my loved ones were so accurate. Liah is an amazing soul, and I am eternally grateful to her for the blessings she has helped me to see in my own life, thank you Liah!

Bobbie Brooks, Registered Nurse

Oahu, HI

"Liah is truly a gifted medium and trance channel. I have had the good fortune to have had 2 private readings with her and her guides whom she channels and it is the most loving , supportive experience with very specific and helpful answers to whatever questions I asked. I would highly recommend working with her, whether for a reading, or to study with her to maximize your own psychic, intuitive abilities for your benefit or in work with others.Her website is lovely and I especially really enjoyed her guided meditations which are on website. I went to a very deep meditative place within myself with each one. Liah is the Real Deal and truly a gifted soul, person and teacher."

Maureen Dwyer

Burlington, VT

"A wonderful session reconnecting me with my heart and essence."

Terry Record, Furniture Maker

Soquel, CA

"My reading was wonderful. There's no doubt that it was my beloved giving me such great advice. You were awesome and I am forever grateful for your help when I needed it the most. I am so much more accepting and at peace.
In love and gratitude,"

Bridget Myers, Executive Assistant

Denver, CO

"Liah is naturally gifted. Her readings offer refreshing and practical wisdom."

Ian Herkes, Astrologer, Yoga Instructor

Kilauea, HI

"Liah and her guides are wonderful teachers of universal wisdom. Their guidance helps master all the challenges of change occurring in our lives. I highly recommend these conversations that are filled with joy, truthfulness and love. Liah and her guides have that special gift to bring peacefulness to our minds."

Joseph Schoeninger, Marketing Consultant and Coach

Paris, France

"Last year in May I had a session together with Liah and the guides. They shared that I would meet my acting mentor in Los Angeles: sandy blonde hair, fit and athletic, mid-40s, gay, travels a lot and would help me with emotional work. I did meet this mentor. The acting coach I've recently been referred to fits that description perfectly! I am taking his class on Tuesday and can't wait. He has a deep spiritual life and I've already fallen in love with many of his teachings. Now, I am holding the vision the guides shared of my future wife whom I will be meeting in LA! She was in my dreams in Hawaii. This psychic/channeled session has helped me to have the courage to step out, make changes and dream big. Thank you Liah for sharing your gift with me."

Marshall B, Actor

Toronto, Canada

"Liah offers a powerful and direct communication with Spirit."

Louise Stewart, PhD., Psychologist

San Francisco, CA

"I am so grateful to have found Liah Howard to help me clarify questions my soul already has answers to but I am blocking or lacking receptivity about. Although I have been on a spiritual path and meditated daily for over 40 years, her readings help me clarify those issues that have eluded my own vision and clarity. I trust her channeling because it is always of the highest spiritual view point. She has been amazingly accurate with me and those I have sent to her. I also know that because of the Divine quality of her gift, she can and does access guidance from the Angels and Saints that I rely on for my direction in life but that sometimes in challenging times I can't hear. In receiving guidance from any source outside your Self it is important that the source of that guidance be carefully considered. With Liah you can be sure it is coming from a Divine Source. Her readings have always brought clarity and healing to my life and results don't lie. Thank you Liah, for holding true to your source and serving others with it."

 Megan Wells, Author and Yoga Instructor

Maui, Hawaii

In 32 years, I have worked with numerous teachers and Liah is one of the best. She is accurate, precise, compassionate, loving, on time, focused, talented, thorough, humorous and full of integrity. Liah empowers me. I never thought I could channel and she has helped me to develop this gift. I am so appreciative. She is committed and always shows up when she says she will. When she says she will bring me people to practice with, she does. She empowered me to see that I have a gift for this work as well. I also appreciate her dedication and her humor..! My clients have noticed an improvement in the quality of my work since studying with Liah.

Shelley St. John, Inter-Faith Minister

Maui, Hawaii

Thank you so much, Liah, for the great reading you gave me about 3 -1/2 years ago. You are amazing. Everything you told me came out exactly as you predicted right down to the specifics. I actually started dating a wonderful man who had been a friend, and mutual business associate. I had never dreamed of our friendship turning into anything more than that. He didn't seem like my type (Red hair (now silver) German/Scottish). And he is/was all that you predicted: very caring and nurturing, and loving. My career situation did turn around for the better too. Thank you so much for your help.

Julia Mason, Marketing Representative, Author

Honolulu, HI

"I have received an immense benefit from listening to the channeling of others for many years, yet it remained a mystical, mysterious process in my mind. Even though I hear my own guidance clearly, I had some reservations and naturally wondered if I was capable of expanding to a deeper level of connection with my Higher Awareness, spirit guides and teachers. Liah set my mind at ease from the first moment we met, and inspired me to step into my power and natural psychic ability. She created a safe, nurturing environment to connect me more fully to the loving guidance which has always been there to assist me.

Liah's class was extremely organized, and she presented the material in a clear, easy-going way. There was always a lot of joy, fun and laughter in her class, but Liah didn't hesitate to challenge me to reach for my highest potential, and I really appreciated that. When I felt nervous about something I'd never done before, she gently encouraged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone, and over and over again, any fear I had melted away. I learned to trust my intuition and release my self-limiting beliefs and patterns about channeling for others. I found that channeling is actually quite easy when you hold the highest intent. You are literally surrounded by guides and spirit teachers who are ready to help you and your clients evolve and grow, and I was astounded over and over again by the value and accuracy of the guidance given.

Cultivating my natural ability to channel has profoundly assisted me in a multitude of ways. I now hear my own guidance more clearly, and I'm able to use this new skill to better serve my clients. Liah Howard is a kind, loving soul and an incredible guide and teacher. She'll help you grow to your highest potential, and I give her my whole-hearted recommendation and thanks!"

Douglas DeBoer, Transformational Guide, Dream Coach

Maui, Hawaii

I was involved in taking classes with Liah Howard for 2 -1/2 years. She provided a safe place for healing and inner growth. Liah is able to facilitate large or small groups that are structured, yet flexible enough to allow individual healing on all levels. Liah was able to be sensitive to each member of the group and support our needs. I enjoyed being with her and learned so much about myself through her. She has definitely been a strong part of my healing through meditation techniques. I encourage everyone to join with her on their journey for inner peace and love. Thank you.”

Frannie Andrews, Spiritual Intuitive, Counselor, Author

Sarasota, Florida

"My life has made a quantum leap since starting this class five weeks ago."

Susan Craig, Interfaith Minister

Bonny Doon, CA

"I had first met Liah in 2006 when she came to Lahaina for an introduction to channeling. It was a time in my life where I was searching for deeper meaning, clarity and connection, with life. My life was scattered, I had no sense of direction & my relationship at that time was in chaos. I signed up for her classes, and it started to peel away layers of hurtful experiences, the trauma of the past. The lessons I got from the class as I reflect back is, to be my own best friend, trust the universal spirit and be grateful for all that is present in this time,I needed to forgive myself for everything I did wrong and to love and enjoy life as it is.

Up until this very moment in time, her tools, guidance and understanding of life give me the inspiration to continually lookI am most honored and grateful within. It has expanded my awareness of the different modalities of self help, self love and self awareness. Her readings along side her class has planted many seeds of truth in me and I am now able to listen more with in and walk my path of love and light. I am growing in ways I never thought possible, I am complete within myself. I highly recommend Liah Howard's courses, and services to all ready for more "love and light" in their life.Thank you for your love & service.

Krystal Kito Cunningham, Financial Advisor

Maui, Hawaii

"The classes are wonderful! They offer a variety of approaches to developing intuition and channeling skills with loving support and guidance from Liah."

Randy Monk, Sales Representative

Ben Lomond, CA

"Even for someone with an innate connection to my Spiritual Guides that is essentially 'channeling,' I have found Liah's coaching very helpful, and instrumental in strengthening my connections with the Divine. Because of who she is, Liah was able to help me to go to the next level of Divine Connection, therefore, a more relaxed me all around, I can ease into my life and who I am. Ahh... Liah is a beautiful light of love, a channeling coach anyone is lucky to have. I would recommend Liah to anyone who either is merely curious, or desires to uplevel their channeling work."

Bonny Llyn, Intuitive Channel

San Francisco, CA

"I have been Liah/Hoiya's student of channeling since 2000 and have continued to receive readings annually. The greatest gift I have received from learning meditation, channeling and receiving readings is the gift of loving myself. Spirituality has helped me grow stronger in confidence, assurance and really finding strength in myself to get me through the lessons of life. Going through a divorce now, I have used my spiritual knowledge as a catalyst and a shield...catalyst meaning I finally found the strength to be on my own without fear; and a shield of light to ward off the immense amount of stress and negativity that comes with these situations. Without my spiritual training, I would have either faltered in my conviction that I have the absolute right to feel loved and cherished in my marriage or I would have not survived the onslaught of negative people who I thought were my friends and family; or I may even have failed to provide my son with the safe harbor and protection that he needs when going through something as life changing as this. Instead, my spiritual training and guidance received from Liah/Hoiya has allowed me to live each day one day at a time and make the most of each moment, cherish the peaceful times and stand strong in the storms, and clean out all negative energy everyday and most of all, to love myself because if I have no love for myself, I cannot give love to others. When we give love to others, there is no storm that can withstand the quiet, steady warmth of the sun, of air, of the sky, of love.

I just want to take a brief moment to thank Liah, my friends and family and my angels who have supported me and stayed by my side and gave me the strength each time I needed it most. Much love, light and blessings to you all! Remember...breathe."

 Barbara Liberty, Community Educator

Santa Cruz, CA

"I had the good fortune of meeting Liah Howard in 2004. My first experience with Liah was when a psychic friend of mine said that a psychic/channel named Liah Howard was going to be at Island Spirit Yoga (in Lahaina, Maui) to offer a group message to attendees and answer individual questions. My friend felt strongly that we should attend and that it would be a very important night for both of us, and it was!

I was so impressed with the guidance from HOIYA (the group of beings Liah channels) that I signed up for an individual reading that night to take place the following week. Additionally, at the end of the group channeling Liah mentioned she taught channeling classes. I felt strongly that this class would be extremely helpful to me and my path. I asked if she ever taught on the West side of Maui and she said she would if we could get 10 or more participants. I was excited the following week when I went to see Liah for my private reading. Liah greeted me with her exuberant and sincere smile and high energy of enthusiasm that told the story of her absolute love for life! We went into her channeling room and she explained how she worked. She then said a beautiful prayer and connected deeply to the most wise, insightful and loving group of beings she called HOIYA.

Through Liah (as a vessel), HOIYA shed light on many questions about my life' purpose as well as giving me information about why certain things had happened in my life. The most significant part of my individual reading was when I asked who my guides were and a split second before Liah spoke I heard a voice in my head say Raphael, and a second later Liah said Raphael. This was so exciting to me; it really affirmed not only that Liah was connected to the realm of Spirit and communicating Divine guidance, but that she was also connected tome and that I was opening more to Divine guidance. This moment is still fresh in my memory because it was so pivotal in showing me my path. This event further fueled my desire to get the channeling class organized as soon as possible. With this new intensity I immediately got to work to find 10 people who would benefit from this class. It came together rather easily. So after I got the commitment from the other participants I was so excited. It felt like Yes, this is a big piece of the puzzle in getting my life's mission moving forward! The first night of the channeling class Liah told us about her life story and the path she walked in order to be a professional psychic and channel - I was riveted by ever word. At that moment I wanted to be just like her! (That being said, I am grateful that through Liah's class I learned to appreciate who I am and my special gifts that are unique tome.) She also taught us how to set up a boundary of light and maintain the light protection while we connect to Spirit.

The last part of the first class was dedicated to putting what we learned into action. Liah led us through a meditation where we had the choice to meet our Higher Self, Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel. I called on Raphael and requested his presence come closer and closer until I finally invited him into my aura. At the moment Raphael came into my aura and then into me through my crown chakra I felt infinite peace and love. It was the most beautiful and soothing feeling I had ever felt, I felt like I was floating, I was light as a feather. And I could feel the biggest smile I had ever had. I felt I was radiating pure love and light. During this time my awareness of my surroundings dissolved and I was only conscious of this connection to the angelic realm. This was such a sacred experience, I felt so blessed to be one with Divine Source. Throughout the 10 week class we continued to deepen our connections to our angels and guides. With Liah's continuous encouragement and support I was able to access Divine guidance. I began to get out of my own way what I mean by this is that, with Liah's help, I stopped listening to the incessant negative chatter of my ego that said You can't do this; you are not special enough, you are a fake and a fraud and you are just making all this up and everyone is going to see you are a liar and they are going to laugh at you! I learned to just relax and just be there to let information come to me and communicate what I was seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. I learned to trust that, through my sincere intention to help others, I could receive messages they would benefit from hearing. We used many different techniques to practice heightening our connection to spirit in order to receive guidance.

The last night of class I gave a reading to a stranger - that was a huge step for me, as I was terrified I would be sitting in front of this person and they would ask a question and I would just be sitting there and NOTHING would come, but it did. Information came in (Thank You, God, Guides and Angels!!!) and I was able to communicate clearly to my client. I was so encouraged by the experience that I took another channeling class with Liah about 6 months later where I continued to work with my angels and guides to access guidance. This class yielded even more results. As in the class before, we gave readings to strangers on the final night and I was delighted that during the final reading I was able to get specific names of people associated with my client.

Liah's Channeling classes laid a highly essential foundation for me by: 1.) giving me the knowledge of how to connect to Spirit and then fostering that actual connection, 2.) teaching me a ritual and a routine to ensure I am light protected so I could feel safe to do this work, 3.) helping me to acknowledge and access my Divine and creative power, 4.) empowering me enough to fulfill my call to service by helping others through offering healing messages from Source, 5.) facilitating my journey of really looking at and overcoming my fears about lower level entities and 6.) cultivating a feeling of personal power and protection through the use of the banishing prayer and other protection techniques Liah teaches.  I currently offer Angel Readings as my service to God and His mission of peace on Earth and although, I have worked with many psychics and channels, I have found the prayer that Liah teaches and uses to be of the highest vibration of love and light and I choose to use that as my prayer before every reading I give. Thank you Liah for being the bridge that helped to fully manifest my palpable connection to Spirit. You are such an amazing teacher and light worker. I feel so blessed to have you as a teacher and mentor, and now, as my friend. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and your joy has had a ripple effect on everyone you come in contact with. I will always hold in my heart all the unconditional love and unending support you have given me as I strive to honor and live God's will.

Jennifer Kasprzycki, Intuitive Counselor

Maui, Hawaii

"Liah is a fantastic teacher! She has made the channeling class fun, enlightening and fulfilling.  My life has changed!"

Sharon Barrington, Marketing Consultant

San Jose, CA

"I can honestly say that working with Liah Howard has improved my life and my own personal connection with the spirit realm. I have been fortunate to have had a personal reading, group channeling, and attended an intuitive workshop. I have carried with me meaningful insights from every encounter I have with Liah. Liah has an amazing gift and the beauty is that she is willing to share it! Her intuitive workshop helped me to understand and hone in on my own gifts and my guides. Above all the workshop was FUN!!! Liah brings together lots of like-minded people all heading on the same spiritual path. I highly recommend working with Liah to open ourselves up to amazing possibilities. She possesses a high, psychic skill level and the messages are clear. She is THE BEST OF THE BEST!"

Amy Melnikoff, Sales Representative

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Liah is a natural teacher and guide. She skillfully leads us on a journey through our inner wisdom and knowing."

Hope Rhodes, Massage Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Aptos, CA

"Liah is an excellent teacher. The online course is systematic, grounded and very thoughtfully presented. Liah makes it fun. I am grateful she has distilled her many years of experience teaching psychic development into these 20 classes! I signed up because I wanted to be more in touch with my intuition for myself and for my work as a hypnotherapist and hospice chaplain. Now I feel more confident and at ease in accessing and using this intuitive knowing."

Chaplain Savarna Wiley, MA.

Santa Cruz, CA

"I completed Liah's psychic development and channeling classes because I had an interest in developing my conscious connection with my own guides and angels. I wanted to improve my intuition and be more open to communication with loved ones who had passed on. I felt that growing in these ways would help me personally and professionally through my work as a psychotherapist. Liah's comprehensive course helped me grow in my understanding of my innate capabilities and gave me techniques to employ to increase my psychic and intuitive sensitivity. Now I feel at ease in making and receiving contact from deceased love ones and I utilize the inner guidance from my higher self, guides and angels constantly throughout each day in all my encounters. Her classes enabled me to enjoy the expanded expression of my natural psychic gifts as they blossomed through steady practice and dedication with the methods I learned. I would highly recommend this series of classes to everyone because I grew so much in personal awareness and I am better able to help others too."

Sharon Salter, MA, LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Port Charlotte, FL

"Dear Liah, Your reading or channeling has been life changing for me.. Something shifted... The block I had that kept me sick and on the floor so to speak had lifted ... I know I have a lot of work to do but it now feels totally doable when it's literally been impossible this last year (as I got sicker & sicker)...So grateful to have met you. Much Aloha to you !!!"

Erica from Oahu

"Liah,Thank you for our session. I moved forward with the advice from The Council, and have been witnessing positive change in my life. It is still good to get this reminder. I am very grateful that you took the time to call me back the first day. I gained a lot of insight from my reading, and it's still coming. My life has redirected, and I am doing the work necessary to keep the forward (upward) momentum of personal Evolution and Revolution from the patterns which no longer served. Aloha!"

With love and gratitude, Deja, Oahu


"My mission in life is to feel connected to Love and to help others to feel their connection to
Universal Love and know their Soul's path. It is my intent to be a pure channel for Universal Love and Wisdom
and to teach others to access their Divine Self and Love through readings and classes.
I humbly offer my service to Spirit."