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Twin Blessings

Hello friends! I am visiting my twin sister in Ohio and we are attending a huge twin convention (over 2000 twins) in Twinsberg. What a happy event! We have our matching clothes, hair and smiles! The miracle of being an identical twin is that even though we look alike on the outside our experiences in life have been different and have left varying impressions on the inside. Yet, the bond we share is beyond words. We feel one another’s pain, joy and fears. I am certain being a twin has contributed greatly to my gift of intuition and to her gift as a therapist. We both work with helping people but in different ways. I am guessing some of you may have twins on the other side of life that are being one of your spirit guides this time. They may have incarnated in the womb very briefly with you when your mom was pregnant. This happened with my youngest son. He was a twin and his twin left her body when I was 4 mos pregnant. I believe she is now a guiding light for him.

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