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The Oneness of Life

Being psychic is an incredible gift and also may be a challenge at times. Recently there was a terrible plane crash nearby and 11 people died. I was at the beach across the bay, sitting in a drum circle at sunset when the small plane crashed. I just happened to be looking in the direction of the accident when suddenly a huge cloud of black and grey smoke billowed upward. I knew this was serious. A few minutes later, the fellow sitting next to me received a call that some of his friends had died in that plane crash at the airport. My empathetic heart felt his deep grief, pain, and shock. We both sat in disbelief that such a horrible accident could occur. Only a few minutes earlier we were talking about the wonders of skydiving and how safe it is. He was a sky diver by profession and had just said: “skydiving is safer than driving to 7-11.” Now we sat paralyzed by the traumatic blow, the universe administered to us about the preciousness of life. Ugh… such deep loss and sadness. The leader of the drum circle brought us together again with the rhythm of the drum beat. I felt the love of the divine mother’s heart beat as we drummed. We all sent love and peace to those that left their bodies and their families and friends that now were suffering the loss of their loved ones. In that sacred moment we were joined together, in the miracle of life and the oneness of a shared loss.

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