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The New Year -A Day at a Time

Happy New Year! I recently spoke with a friend who is an astrologer and he said he was enduring a difficult “Pluto Passage.” I asked him what he meant by that, and he explained that he had experienced a lot of hardships in 2018. He had health issues, relationship woes, and financial fears, and was feeling like the universe was out to get him. Then he checked his astrological progressed chart and found out that Pluto is transiting his chart in 2018. He told me that Pluto invites change that transforms one on a core level, but that often, this change comes with some suffering and letting go. He suggested I find out where my Pluto is and when I will be having this intense teacher enter my life. I reluctantly declined, stating that I simply want to deal with life on a day to day basis right now. Although I have had my astrological chart done in the past, I am presently challenging myself to live life to the fullest each day while not spending too much time either in the past or in the future. With the New Year is upon us now, this is a great time to hope for a year filled with love, laughter and peace, but to also understand that sometimes life brings a mixture of both joy and sorrow. May this New Year find you comforted when needed, inspired to be your best and may your loving contribution to life be a benefit to humanity.

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