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The Divine Embrace

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Have you ever noticed the way animals in nature will snuggle together?

Two birds sit on a wire and preen one another’s feathers. Two horses nuzzle each other’s backs. Puppies roll and play and nestle together in sleep. Even dolphins in the wide open sea will swim near each other.

In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is the day that emblazons romantic love onto our culture. People yearn to be with their special beloved and to be held. It’s natural to want to be physically close to someone you care about.

Take the extra time this month to reach out and hug someone, to let them know you care. Make an effort to spend time with someone who is alone and to let them know you are thinking of them. You may both be surprised at how good it feels to be in another’s physical presence. Rather than resisting the urge to merge, let your instinctual nature to nourish another be expressed.


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