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Seasons of Learning Impact Us All

August is here and it brings in that time of year when students, both young and old, go back to school. As traditional schooling is completed, many of us go through seasons of learning very similar to our formal education, but in our own minds. I have to admit that although I am no longer in school, I relish the art of learning and have become aware of the cycles of knowledge that ebb and flow within us.

It is my hope and intention that as I mature I will always maintain an open mind and an interest in learning new ideas, ways of being and activities. Currently, I have a lovely routine carved out in my life that supports me in my spiritual, mental, emotional and intellectual growth. This routine allows me to keep moving in a journey of constant and never-ending improvement.

But I have to mix it up with new books, new adventures and new associations. Otherwise I become static and stuck in my box of familiarity. Just as children are arriving into new classrooms and anticipating new faces and encounters, I invite you to challenge yourself to learn a new skill, take a new class or venture into a new field such as metaphysics or parapsychology. Let’s welcome August with the enthusiasm of a child excited about their first day of kindergarten.

Seasons of Learning Impact Us All
Planning Ahead and Trusting in the Process

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