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Precious Moments

Sometimes life offers us opportunities to bond more deeply with other people than we normally do in our day to day lives.  On January 13th, 2018 at 8:07 AM a message appeared on my cell phone saying that a missile was heading toward Hawaii and to take cover. For the next 38 minutes before the “false alarm” text came in I made a number of choices. First, I prayed together with my neighbor. Then I called my son on Maui and we shared how much we love one another. This was followed with a prayer of gratitude towards my other children on the mainland and the realization that we have such a loving connection. After this brief reflection, I then I drove to my daughter’s house and sat at the kitchen table with her, and her husband and kids. Imagining that this is the last time to see your loved ones bring a very special poignancy to the moment. Then just as suddenly as the original text of doom and gloom had come in, another text flashed across my iPhone screen. “False Alarm” it said. I quickly said a “thank you” inside for another day of life and another day to love. I will forever be bonded more closely with those I shared those priceless 38 minutes with.

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