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Planning Ahead and Trusting in the Process

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I just got back from a family reunion in California. It was my birthday gift to myself. I organized this week-long gathering of twenty family members, about six months ago. My birthday month is July and I like to celebrate with my twin sister if possible, so I started with that idea and then expanded. We had an amazing seven days together.

Reflecting back on the trip, I realize that in life there is a delicate balance between planning and preparing, or the opposite approach of being spontaneous and allowing life to unfold. I personally lean towards planning, but found myself happily surprised by some of the spontaneous fun activities that ensued as a result of “trusting the process.” There was a group energy that developed through the week that nurtured the family bonds and encouraged relaxation and fun.

Food preparation became a lovely way to reconnect and share aloha together. I feel very grateful for this opportunity to become closer to my ohana (family in the Hawaiian language) that live many miles away, and to appreciate the gift that family is in my life. This was indeed a very special birthday present and I’m glad I envisioned it into being. Perhaps there is something special to plan in your life that could be a gift to yourself. I invite you to take the steps to make it happen and then let go and let the miracle of life take over.


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