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I had a client who called me the other day in a state of fear and depression. They were not calling to book a psychic reading. Instead, they were calling to tell me how frightened they were that a weird paranormal experience had happened to them the night before and they were terrified that they had attracted some evil and angry spirit into their living room. They then went on to say how they have been depressed lately about their job and that is probably why they attracted a bad spirit. The fellow then described how he had heard an invisible wind pass by him and suddenly the door to the living room slammed shut in front of him..I quietly listened and then tuned in to the situation. I clearly saw a grandfather who had passed about 10 years ago.He was from the father’s side of the family and was especially gifted with business matters when he was alive. He had been trying to get the attention of his grandson for quite some time for he could hear his grandson's desperate pleas for help with his career. .He had not meant to frighten his grandson, he merely wanted to get his attention so he could download some answers for him.When I explained to the worried man that the invisible presence is good and not evil, it was hard for him to accept this idea. Although he had a session with my guides a few months earlier and knew them to be loving, wise and kind, he never imagined that he could have invisible helpers that were pure and good and wanted to connect with him. We prayed together on the phone and asked that all fear in his heart be removed and that faith in the love of the infinite divine fill the space the fear had trapped him. We ended the conversation with him being willing to sit quietly in his living room and lovingly invite his grandfather’s spirit in to assist him. Sometimes we merely have to re frame paranormal experiences to see how truly perfect they are.
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