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March Forth . . .With Confidence

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March Forth . . . With Confidence!

For many years I have been enamored with the date March the fourth. To me, March 4th is an auspicious day for marching forth in life, to take the next step and move from the known to the unknown . . . .

One way that I’ve taken the leap into the unknown has been through moving. I’ve made several significant moves in my life on this date, from Florida to California on March 4, 1992, twelve years later from California to Hawaii.

I invite you to consider what big change you have been wanting to make, but have put off up until now. What are you ready to march forth into for this next phase of your life? What are you waiting for? Is there a new job, new place to live, maybe a new relationship that’s been beckoning to you? Your destiny is awaiting you!

May you march forth with confidence knowing that the universe supports you in being bold!


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