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Follow-Through is Key to Positive Change

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The New Year often inspires us to open to new possibilities and opportunities. Some of us may start an exercise program or begin a new hobby or interest. Some may choose to give up bad habits like procrastination or cussing.

The key to implementing these changes is to have a commitment to follow through, even when we may not yet see the results of our actions or intentions. We have to shut the door on our old, outdated ways of being, and instead become the person we want to be.

Our potential is so much greater than we ever imagined. When we focus our mind and heart on manifesting a new discipline or ability, we become stronger both inside and out, our faith in ourselves grows, and we learn to trust ourselves to follow through.

The New Year is a perfect time to make a resolution to open to the depth of our souls more fully. What improvement have you been putting off? Do it now! See it through to the end, rejoice in what you have accomplished, and embrace your new and improved self.


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