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Flexibility is Key

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As of May 3, 2017, we will complete another round of an astrological transit called Mercury Retrograde. This three-week period is a time when appointments often get mixed up, electronics go haywire and people from the past reenter our lives. The best way to deal with these unexpected events is to be flexible.

Flexibility implies suppleness, elasticity and give. This is almost always easier for some people than others, and even those for whom this is an easier task, there can be certain times of day, or even different points in life when practicing flexibility can be exceptionally challenging. For example, being flexible is typically the opposite of my initial reaction to all sorts of things, such as scheduling mix ups, computer glitches, and unexpected exes showing up. My first response is to resist these changes and fight what is happening with rigidity and stiffness.

Over the years, and with many gentle reminders, I have learned to yield to the surprises that life brings and to adapt to change. When I am able to adjust my expectations of how things “should” be and accept how things are, then peace can prevail and I can shake off whatever inconvenience or discomfort that may have ensued. 


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