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Being Free To Be Me

The month of July always causes me to reflect on freedom. Perhaps the greatest liberation we can attain in this lifetime is freedom from our past. The voices of our family of origin may still share space in our heads. However, when we consciously seek to free ourselves from old programming and beliefs, we then walk the path of our true selves. My birthday is on the 5th of July. I am thinking about how honored I am to have an identical twin sister this lifetime. She mirrors my own innocence, beauty, strength and struggle. We survived the same crazy upbringing that forced us to become fiercely independent at a young age. Yet, we also have each other to lean on when life gets hard. I am very grateful that my soul choose to have a soul sister to share this incredible journey with. I have had the opportunity of learning to free myself from my identification of who I am in the “twin set” and acquire the ability to feel complete on my own and listen to my unique soul’s inspiration. My heart still yearns for that deep completion that only happens when I am with my twin but I know I am enough just being me now. What voice of the past is holding you captive that you are ready to release during this month of freedom?

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