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Autumn Gifts

As a child, I grew up in New England and October was my favorite month because the green leaves transformed to a brilliant red, yellow, and orange panorama. This glorious colorful gift of Mother Nature reminds me to change with the seasons and be bold in life. I recall searching the ground under various trees looking for the most beautiful leaves. I would proudly bring them home and carefully iron their splendor into two sheets of waxed paper so I could savor their brilliance. I always felt sad when even though they were protected by the wax covering them, they would still turn dull and then decay and die.

One of my goals in life is to be as colorful as the autumn leaves and to be willing to shed the rich green gift of youth, with all its vibrancy, energy and resilience and embrace instead the vivid and inspirational phase of my senior years. I know that just as the leaves fade and die I will too, but hopefully not before I have made a lively multi-colored contribution to this world. Learning to thrive during the changing seasons in life is one of autumn’s gifts that requires an open mind.

Letting go of the past, opens me to the new possibilities of what can be. Being aware and ready for the new seasons of life will better allow us to live it with beauty and splendor. When my life is over, and I fade and drop my body, just like the leaves drop from the branch and create compost for new growth, may my life plant a seed of hope in others to blossom and grow.

I invite you to delve deeper into your core essence and bring forth your most radiant, and beautiful self. Let yourself be transformed into the bold and unique person, connected to your purpose. Live life fearlessly and be willing to stand out like the October trees bursting with color.

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