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"A Psychic / Channeled reading can help you to know your gifts and understand your challenges."


"The insights gained in a Psychic / Channeled session will help you to make better decisions so you can have a happier, more successful life."


As a psychic/channel that is also a medium, I am often asked if it is really possible to communicate with loved ones on the other side and if so, how is it done? My experience shows that it is possible and they also have the same query, for they want to connect with us as well. Messages of love, assurance and guidance regarding unfinished business are often the reasons for these connections. Keep in mind though, that the timing and frequency of spirit communication can be very unpredictable. Sometimes it happens immediately after a death and other times not until years later if at all. This connection may happen spontaneously or be consciously invited in through meditation, hypnosis, psychic assistance, prayer or automatic writing. Visiting a location that is highly charged with our deceased loved one's energy can be helpful, as well as holding an object or piece of clothing that carries their personal frequency. After death communication can be experienced more fully when we are open to the signs.

Since our deceased loved ones are no longer constrained by the laws of the physical universe,they can manipulate the environment in surprising ways. They often send "signs" via: lights flashing, radio, phones or TVs turning on, or feathers, birds or butterflies appearing. In addition, our loved ones can make "knocks" on the wall, bells ring or objects move. These paranormal signs of spirit's presence can either excite us and delight us and open our connection to our loved ones, or frighten and contract us, closing down our connection to them. I encourage you to relax and breathe deeply if you receive a sign and invite the love of your departed into your heart and listen inside for a message from them.

Here is the story of how my dear 84 year old mother connected with me on the day she died. I had two very distinct signs of her presence. The first sign came as I reached out to turn on the light in my bedroom. To my surprise, the light flickered on all by itself. I then turned the light on and sat down on my bed while gazing at a pair of green and gold shamrock earrings. The earrings reminded me of my mom because she was all Irish and very proud of that fact. I felt in my heart that she was with me in that moment as I could sense her love surrounding me. Then I closed my eyes and told her how much I appreciated the way she taught me to honor my Irish ancestry by having gratitude for the gifts of spunk, strength and humor. Then the next sign appeared.

From across the room,my I-phone started playing a beautiful angelic tune. I was stunned! The alarm on my phone was set to "Horse" and this was the farthest sound from a whinnying horse that I could imagine. I heard myself saying " How can this be?" then I surrendered to the situation, got out of my head and into my heart and turned the phone off. Next, I lovingly clutched a picture of my mom to my chest and wept tears of gratitude. It was as if she knew I needed signs from her that she was OK and our love would go on.

Our loved ones are not gone and we can connect with them as we open to their signs and messages. Relax and enjoy the connection.