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"The insights gained in a Psychic / Channeled session will help you to make better decisions so you can have a happier, more successful life."


Just as there are some people who never venture outside into nature, so too are there those folks who never journey inside to discover their true nature. It’s not that staying inside is wrong, simply that it offers a very limited perspective on life. It’s difficult to feel connected to Mother Nature when you live in a tiny apartment in the city where the air is dirty and the noise is deafening. Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with not exploring the inner realms but, an entire invisible reality will be overlooked, just like the city dweller who misses seeing the stars at night. If you’re ready to expand your horizons and travel to the inner planes, then I invite you to open your connection to the Divine Flow by meditation and channeling. In this peaceful inner world you will learn how to receive assistance from invisible helpers, access more of your potential and experience a calmer more fulfilled life with a heightened sense of purpose.

Learning to meditate is the first step on the inner journey. Meditation teaches concentration which is the key to opening the door to your inner realm. Once this is learned, meditation becomes the foundation for being able to channel. Channeling is the process of entering a deep meditative awareness experienced as a trance state. In this altered state;one learns to raise his or her vibration up and allow to step aside, while opening to the Universal Self. The person channeling becomes a vessel for Divine wisdom and love. This energy can be expressed as gifts and insights including: psychic knowing, artistic expression, musical aptitude, inspirational writing, healing abilities, philosophical understanding, and scientific insight to name a few.

It is our natural state to be connected to our inner guidance and gifts. But sometimes this inner connection is forgotten.Luckily, one can learn to meditate and channel and reconnect with their true nature.Keep in mind that the personality and body are just a tiny portion of the vastness of one’s infinite being and the veil between the physical and the non-physical reality is quite thin. With patience, persistence and practice, meditation and channeling can again become second nature. The ability to tap into the soul's bring a more profound sense of purpose and presence. Latent gifts are able to blossom and an abiding peace may fill your heart.

But, just as one can't truly feel the rejuvenating effects of being in nature by watching Nat Geo, so too, one can't know the deep peace that lies within, while staying externally focused. This inner journey is a sacred path into the soul’s domain that brings one to a land of mystery and magic. Remember, the interior terrain is not ruled by the ordinary conventions of life. Time and space are suspended, judgments lifted, and any sense of separation is dissolved. As the individual reverently lets go deeper and deeper, subtle energies become more apparent. The presence of angels, guides, departed loved ones and ascended master teachers may be felt. Basking in this infinite divine bliss within, we rejuvenate as if being in nature.

We are all equipped to travel to these inner regions, but we have to make the time to leave our daily world behind and enter into the kingdom within. You wouldn't want to miss the stars, would you?

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