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The need for fun and nourishment from our soul is always there, but the means of fulfilling that Divine inner calling can change with both time and experience. What used to lift and inspire me in my 20's, has morphed into new ways of experiencing delight in life while in my 50's. I chuckle inside when I find myself saying a past belief like:“yes! I love to ride horses, it brings me great joy and makes me feel alive!” The truth is, that in the past, galloping a young fast steed on an open trail, brought an adrenaline rush to my entire body. I felt alive, strong and connected with both the horse and the universe. Now, however, since a car accident a year ago, that hurt my neck , I have not jumped up on a horse. I am more cautious about my spine and I don't push my body by riding like a wild cowboy. The point I'm trying to make is : let's get real with ourselves and with what brings nourishment to our souls now, rather than trying to live off a memory of what was exciting or fun back then. Are we reminiscing about our joy or living our joy now?

Consider how many people are now being presented with children growing up too fast and elders living lives for much longer life spans. This leaves some folks in the middle, caring for children and elderly both, with little time to have fun or nourish themselves. Perhaps they harbor, memories of going to the spa or taking a nap in the afternoon but the reality is more likely to be, one of taxi-ing kids, picking up medicine for the aging parent and falling into bed exhausted and depleted on many levels. It is to these individuals, the ones who have allowed the busyness of life to creep in and steal away the simple joys of a hot bath, with candles or a long hike in nature that I speak. Awaken my friend! Find your soul's sustenance before it is too late and the body succumbs to disease or time runs out. You can resurrect your desire for a happy and meaningful life and tap into your wellspring of vitality.

No one else can uncover what brings you joy. It is a gift from your soul that is embedded in your consciousness since before birth. This inspirational knowing is the key to tapping into opportunities for living a fulfilling life. Don't settle for a mundane existence of work, care taking or mediocrity. As for me, I now brush horses, and visit with them rather than riding. There is something about the pungent smell of hay, horse and barn mixed together that delights my inner child and brings a feeling of freedom. Find what excites you and welcome that activity into your life now. If not now, when? Perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to surf, paint or dance but never took the time to do it. Set aside time to nurture yourself and feel more alive.

As we change and grow we learn to adapt to new ways of feeling inspired and getting connected to our soul. Let go of the past and ask yourself “ How can I best nourish myself right now?” Then when someone asks you about your interests , you can honestly say “yes! I like to _____________ and I am doing it Saturday, wanna come?"