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Everybody knows the story of Stone Soup. A soldier is returning home and comes to a poverty stricken village. He is refused food and lodging by the villagers, so he sets up his kettle in the square and announces he will make stone soup. He produces a stone from a velvet bag and plunks it. “Stone soup is delicious” he says, but it’s so nice to have a bit of cabbage.” Soon a villager arrives with some cabbage. “Wonderful!” he exclaims. “Now if we had just a couple of carrots!” Soon enough, some one else produces carrots. On it goes until a great stew is made and the villagers and soldier sit down to eat happily together.

The moral of the story is clear. When we step beyond ourselves, when we open to trust in something bigger, wonderful things happen. The villagers were so frightened about being hungry they were clinging to their tiny portions. After a warrior arrived and invited them to come out of their homes, and to throw everything they had into the pot, each was rewarded ten-fold. The fellow who would have had a cold cabbage dinner suddenly had a feast, and a great company to share it in.

The same applies to this very moment. Fear and lack of consciousness cut us off from the flow of abundance. Thoughts of “I don’t have enough”, “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do this” constrict or remove a vital connection to our Source energy.

When we focus on what we have to share and the ways we can help one another, we enter an amazing flow of abundance and potential. If you feel constricted about your money situation, take a friend out or give to the needy. If you feel you don’t have enough time, volunteer for a charitable organization. You may worry about not having enough things, but there are probably a number of dusty items in your garage that other people could put to good use. What we give out comes back to us multiplied. We receive when we give what we seek.

There will always be people who have more, and certainly people who have less. By giving of yourself with feelings of gratitude you open yourself to the flow of life, contributing to the mass consciousness of abundance. There are gifts that you alone possess that are of the greatest value, and their beauty is in the sharing.

There is a feeling of well-being that is felt when we trust the Universe to provide for our needs. External circumstances can change but the sense of inner contentment remains. The key is that we remember we are expressions of the greater “all that is”, and in this state it’s clear that money or material things really don’t matter. True abundance is witnessed in a life of love, service, and gratitude.

Our entire world would function much differently if everyone shared their resources and gifts instead of holding tightly to their individual lives. So let’s open up, pitch in, and see what incredible things we can do together!