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All through this life, I have been blessed with the gift of endless energy and vitality. People often comment to me in amazement, “How can you do so much? Don’t you get tired?” Honestly, I sleep only 5 to 6 hours a night and always have. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I call it “the love factor.” I know some people would say that it is the food you eat, the quality of the sleep you get, and the genetic influences that determine your energy. I do agree that those elements play a part in the dynamics of one’s energy level, but I suspect that beyond the physical realm is the “love factor.” This love can be directed towards a person, pet, garden, job, sport, hobby, God, a mission or purpose or even one’s true inner self. The “love factor” connects an individual to someone or something other than just oneself. When this union is made, the heart opens and emits a higher frequency of energy, which links the person to the universal life force and vitalizes their system.

On the other hand, when individuals are not connected to love, they may become depleted and depressed, feeling alone and hopeless. Their energy and vitality may get siphoned away by the stress and worry of the duties and responsibilities of life. A sense of meaningless may ensue and the body may become ill. Yet, in most cases, when these same individuals add the “love factor” into their hearts and think of someone or something they love when they are stressed or feeling alone, they will be infused with an energy from the divine to keep them going. Interviews have been done with prisoners of war who clung to the thought of their loved ones to sustain them from the harsh physical and mental suffering they were subjected to. Their love carried them through

We all have times in life when we are presented with trying circumstances. For example, today a friend of mine called to tell me that she has cancer and is going in for surgery in just a few days. Her heart knew she needed to reach out and receive love. This is the other aspect of the love factor. Not only do we need to give love, we also need to receive it. Tracey shared with me that in the past few years her work situation had gotten quite toxic and negative. She described how she had to shield herself from the aggressive environment she was in every day at work. I could tell she was exhausted and frustrated from having to close her heart down at work. Now she expressed a desire to really live again. The cancer diagnosis pushed her to reevaluate her circumstances and choose to take time off to heal her body, mind and soul. The “love factor” is expressed in her awe at the beauty of life again. She said to me today, “I can’t believe how beautiful the trees, flowers and my kitties are!” Tracey reconnected with her heart and the love of life.

Each of us has an opportunity daily to choose love over fear and to open our hearts to life. I invite you to look deep inside your heart and remember a time you felt a profound loving connection to someone or something. Breathe this love in. Let this “love factor” infuse you and elevate your energy and vitality. You will be glad you did!