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I believe we each have a special form of genius within us that we are born with, but often this unique ability may lay dormant and undiscovered. In traditional schools much focus is given to academic achievement and physical prowess. The football star and the class valedictorian take the limelight at graduation. The sensitive, creative artist or the caring, compassionate counselor type are ignored. There is little room for feelings, creative ideas or artistic expression. Students that do not fit into the mainstream idea of talent are often left feeling inferior or not good enough when in truth, their special form of genius may be hidden inside of them just waiting for expression.

To demonstrate this point, lets look at how I grew up. When I went to high school I was the average younger sister of an older brother who tested very high on the IQ scale. He excelled in academia and his legacy haunted me as I navigated my way through school a few years after him. I remember how the teacher's would smile as they read the new student roster and say “Oh, is Charles Valliere your brother?" This inquiry was generally followed with “He was an exceptional student. I'll be expecting great things out of you.” Inside I would cringe, for I knew that my IQ was under 140 and I would never be able to match his achievements. It took me years of self discovery to unearth my latent gifts that were ignored when I was in high school because they did not fit the model of genius that society coveted.

Fast forward to my life now, where I am an inspirational writer for three magazines, a Psychic reader and teacher and a radio show host. How did I discover and tap into these gifts despite feeling inferior in high school? The discovery of my gifts started slowly. In college, a psychology professor ,an older woman with white hair,soft eyes and a warm smile, suggested that I keep a journal of my heart's wisdom and fears. Thus began my writing career. I began writing every day until I had filled boxes of journals. My ability as a psychic happened gradually too. I signed up to be a peer counselor. I had always been the friend with a listening ear. I started doing radio by tuning into a favorite talk show for many years, followed by being a guest on that program. After being on several radio stations, I was led me into hosting my own show. To improve my writing, psychic and radio skills I attended classes, and was mentored by individuals who excelled in these areas. I practiced perfecting my skills. The treasures within grew and I pursued their expression in my life with passion and no regard for financial reward or acceptance by societal norms. I found my unique gifts.

Each of us has been given a unique talent that can be expressed in the world in a creative and fulfilling way. This talent may be hidden beneath the surface but, with willingness, it can be retrieved. Society may not value your gift but nonetheless, be persistent and keep digging. Follow your heart and listen within to allow your investigation into your special form of genius to ensue. Believe in yourself, be bold and sign up for classes in areas you want to perfect. Let go of any feelings of being inferior and go for the gold in your own heart.