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I recently read an intriguing story about a woman who clinically died and experienced a vision of the other side. In Lessons From the Light, author John Mulkey describes how Myra Starr was given the opportunity to review her life and realized that all of her experiences on earth, no matter how big or small, boiled down to one thing: how much love had she brought into each moment.

Being free of her body, she experienced a deep peace and shimmering radiance of light and love. This awareness of herself as a light-being made her realize that those things that she thought sustained her in life really did not and instead, every moment she felt or expressed love increased her light-body and fed her soul.

While the doctors worked on reviving Myra’s body, she floated with her spirit guides, who revealed images of her life where she had been kind, cruel, or apathetic. Her corporate job required her to fire a lot of people and she was shocked to discover how insensitive she had become and how dim her heart-light was when she was unloving. When she awakened back in the emergency room, she vowed to change her life, open her heart, and love others rather than hurt them.

At first she tried to go back to work, but found that she was unable to silence her heart during the firings. So she quit her job and went into the healing arts instead. She embraced the spiritual side of herself, which had been grossly neglected in her climb up the corporate ladder. A doorway of communication opened up to her spirit guides and she started following their guidance. Her life became more heart-centered and less head- centered.

Her guides taught her how emotions play a part in the health and well-being of an individual and how, if a person is not following their soul's path and feeding their souls, their bodies get sick. She learned that self-love, love of others, and forgiveness are key to a person's healing and provide the best light for the soul.

The trauma of a near-death experience catapulted Myra to discover how hungry her soul had been and to make drastic changes in order to feed it. But we don’t have to suffer traumatic events to become more soulful in our lives. At the end of the day, we can reflect on whether we’re feeding our souls with love and light. Have we been heart-centered in our interactions with others? We’re all inter-connected and invested in one another’s well being, so bringing love to others is a profound way of feeding our own souls.

Remember also to listen to what your soul needs, for there are times when it’s best to focus on nurturing yourself to keep your spirit charged. That might mean time alone to listen to music, or visiting a place in nature where you can feel your soul smiling in the beauty and peace; or maybe you need more fun and excitement, like a trip abroad or dancing under the stars. Find out what makes your soul feel happy and light and add more of those moments to your life.
In this self-reflection, you will build a life that nurtures and sustains your inner light. When you die and have your own life review, you will smile to see how you have fed your soul and be blinded by how dazzling you really are!