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Humans, by nature, want to be in control. That’s why when we approach the edge of the unknown, we prefer to have things all planned out so that we can step into it with confidence and eager anticipation. Yet the very essence of life is change and mystery, and we are often quite suddenly shoved into the unknown despite our carefully laid plans.

Whether pleasant as an exciting new job, or difficult as a sudden illness, we are always being guided by our souls to grow and surrender into life, and to trust even when we don’t know where we’re headed or what we may find along the way.

Our ability to handle unexpected change is a refection of the deep soul work we have done. Our souls reside in the present moment, unconcerned with known or unknown. Connected to the Source, they aren’t attached to a certain way of being in the world, or a certain world at all. If we spend time daily in mediation and quiet, when our external world shifts we have a raft to support us.

If we avoid the quiet place within, then, when our life gets rocked, we panic in fear of being drowned by the waves of life. This is the fear of the ego, trying to cling desperately to the familiar, the idea of who we are and how we move through the world. Sometimes it takes an event or situation that shatters our world to guide us to a deeper sense of surrender and soulful being.

I spoke recently with a friend named Grace who endured a terrible car accident that crushed the left side of her body, took away her ability to speak, and put her in a coma for three months. Four years later, having recovered somewhat from the accident, I asked her what the gift of that experience was. She said, “Well Liah, pretty much everything can be taken away from you. But if you have a relationship with God, and you know how much you are loved, then you can deal with the rest.”

She went on to say that although she lost her partner, her job, and her ability to walk and speak as she once did, she felt that now she was living a life that was “a living expression of love” and her life was an offering of love. I could feel the joy in her voice and the deep and sincere gratitude to be alive, even though her physical body was compromised.

The unknown slammed into her life while she was crossing the street on a sunny day. She did not check out of life and become depressed and afraid. She called upon her spirit and the fellowship of her spiritual community to help her navigate the unknown land of being disabled and dependent. Though the journey was arduous, she is presently pain-free, happy, and inspiring others with her story of hope and love.

Whatever challenge you are facing today, know that deep within your being a prayer is being answered. Grace had always wanted to be a living example of Gods’ love and now she is. This is an intrinsically loving universe. Let go into the unknown and trust that you are being divinely guided and loved.