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How can we learn to move through life loving the beloved, rather than resisting the beloved? I refer to the beloved here as a cherished name for the infinite spirit that is within all. Some would refer to this energy as God or the Supreme Being. Others of a more scientific nature, may reference this invisible power or force as frequency or vibration. Still others may call this subtle metaphysical energy chi, mana or the divine. Regardless of the name given to this infinite essence, I want to focus instead on how to build a loving, harmonious relationship with this boundless spirit of life.

In my quest to love the beloved, I have learned to cry. I sometimes cry for all the suffering in the world. Usually, when I’m overwhelmed with sadness at the outer appearances of pain in the world, I have forgotten that the beloved is in all things, great and small, in peace and war and sickness and health. I tend to perceive the presence of the divine in only the good and positive aspects of life, and think the beloved is absent in the presence of pain and suffering. Deep inside, I know that the beloved is present in the essence of all and permeates to the core of life. Yet, I cry anyway. I cry for what I think or believe could have been or should have been. I cry to release the powerlessness and despair that overcome me when I am deeply touched by another’s pain or the suffering in the world. My mind cannot understand what I perceive to be the injustices of life.

Recently, I had the opportunity to heighten my ability to remember the presence of the beloved in a tough situation. A friend of mine had just given birth to her first child. This young mother was in perfect health and delighted to be having her first baby. However, things did not turn out as expected and the birth was difficult and the baby ended up being without oxygen for 12-15 minutes and almost died. Although the mom was at one of the best birthing facilities in the nation, the baby was left severely brain damaged from the traumatic delivery and will live his days in a much compromised state. The mother and dad were in shock and grief about the loss of the perfectly healthy child they imagined they would raise. They cried for the loss of the joy they imagined a new baby would bring to them. Initially, when I heard the news, I found myself feeling angry with the doctors, blaming them for the baby’s condition. I wondered, “How could they have been so negligent?” Then I shouted at God, “How could you let this happen? Where were you?” In tears, I paused and prayed a fervent prayer to be able to accept the situation, step outside of myself and to be helpful to my friends who were simply overwhelmed with grief and pain. My anger passed and my tears washed away my judgment and helplessness. In the stillness, I heard a tiny voice speaking: “The beloved is present here, even in this suffering.” I felt my heart and mind open, and instead of choosing to run away, lash out in anger or go numb, I experienced a wave of acceptance and peace. From this place, I could bring comfort to the grieving parents. I was moved to get a gift and go to the hospital to welcome this amazing soul who chose to be different so that he could be loved just the way he is. I carried the gift, a card and hope to the parents and child. My acceptance was my message. “You can get through this - no matter what, a day at a time, I believe in you.” As the baby lay in his intensive care bed, attached to tubes, wires and tapes, his mom and dad hugged and the presence of love filled the room. The mom turned to me and said, “My baby is alive and he could have died, so I’m going to do everything I can to help him.” This response is the sign of a spiritual warrior. Rather than going into victim mode, getting angry or giving up, this young mother found a place of peace and strength within herself to show up 100% for this little innocent soul with a weakened body and mind.

As we accept what life brings to us, instead of labeling it as “good” or “bad” or “wrong,” we can tap into an infinite source of power within ourselves. Each time we open our hearts to acceptance rather than fear and judgment, we learn to love the beloved in all. I have learned to be still and ask myself, “How can I love even this?” When I tap into divine love within me through prayer and meditation, my fear, doubt and anxiety disappear. In this state, I can feel my connection with the beloved in all. My faith has grown through this practice. I find I am more helpful to others as a result. The power of the Supreme Being is alive within us all at any moment. This Presence is ours to treasure, care for and cultivate. We love the beloved by loving others and loving and accepting what life brings. And sometimes we just need to cry.

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