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As a psychic, I have found that intuitive information is often received in pictures and signs. Having developed a good working knowledge of many symbols has helped me to interpret messages and deliver meaningful suggestions to my clients. In addition, I often receive powerful symbolic messages in my dreams that act as a catalyst to either learn and grow from personally, or that offer an insight into somebody else’s life that is a message for me to share with them.
Just as certain tools can help a finish carpenter create a work of beauty, so too can psychics use tools to enhance the outcome of their work. I often suggest that my students of psychic development find a good dream symbol book and study it closely. The one I recommend for beginners and general use is Betty Bethard’s Dream Book as it is simple and concise.
Our spirit guides, angelic helpers, deceased loved ones and our own divine higher selves can deliver important messages to us through our dreams. We can have prophetic or precognitive dreams that are given to us with symbols to help guide us in our day to day lives and to circumvent or prevent difficulties.
Recently I woke up with a formidable image of death consuming a tree and seeing a dear friend’s face in the tree. She said, “I feel like I’m dying.” Upon awakening I was a bit shaken. I then tuned into her psychically and was relieved to see that her physical body was OK but, that she was perhaps on the verge of divorce. When I called her and shared the dream message, she broke down and cried and said “Yes, I am leaving my husband and it does feel like a death.” She had not been able to talk to anyone about her plans and was grateful for the support.
Sometimes, the first thing that comes to mind when we have a dream, vision or image is not the intended interpretation. Understanding that most symbols are figurative rather than literal opens the door to deeper wisdom and knowledge being revealed. For example, according to Betty Bethard’s Dream Book an elevator going up can mean… “going the right way, getting a higher perspective…” The elevator going down may mean “going in the wrong direction…” For students of psychic development, the elevator is an example of a helpful symbol that could be incorporated into one’s work in doing readings for others.
With practice, it will be easier to decipher what a symbol means to a certain individual or situation. For people who want to become more psychic, I suggest developing a cache of at least 20-25 pictures and symbols that can readily be accessed and understood to improve the clarity of interpretations. By doing so, psychic messages will become clearer and you will be better able to share your knowledge and understanding.

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