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Recently, I have been thinking about the word "may." According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, there are four different definitions, but the definition I prefer is, "used to indicate possibility or probability." When I consider this word in regard to intuitive or psychic predictions that are made, I feel a sense of limitless possibilities. You see, when our guides or higher self, shares with us potential paths to take, or possible steps to make, they are looking at a hologram of us, rather than viewing our lives in a merely linear fashion. They are looking at us from an integrated expanded soul level perspective.

This view is not attached to future and past, instead there is infinite potential right now. That is why sometimes we may receive guidance to pursue a certain job or goal, and then down the road we may find that it is no longer a 'match'. The guidance that was once a 'fit' may change based on different decisions we make in our lives that affect the potential outcome. Ultimately, however, there is not merely one right choice to make, there can be many ways to fulfill our soul's potential.

The 'rightness' of the choices may change just like different clothing options can be either good, or bad. Choices are often based on what is appropriate for the occasion, the season, and/or the purpose. For instance, if you are dressing for comfort, then jeans and a tee may suffice, but if you are dressing to impress and land a job interview, then a suit might be a more appropriate choice. Allow your higher self to guide you towards what is best for you in your present situation and soul's path.

So, for example, if you ask a psychic for advice, or meditate on which job is best for you to take, the most favorable option will be based on what is best now relative to your soul's purpose. Sometimes we receive guidance to shift things just a little bit, like that convenient lateral job move instead of a better position. We may need to make incremental changes first before being ready to embrace larger changes. On the other hand, there may be times we have been sitting in stagnation, and it really is divine timing to make a significant leap to a new dimension of living. This could mean a huge move across country to a new job position, or divorce, or marriage. Your higher self knows what you can handle.

Since our souls exist outside of time and have an all-inclusive perspective, they are not in a hurry for us to complete our mission. Rather, there is understanding that there will always be more options and possibilities. Our souls and higher selves are more concerned with the quality of love we are living, experiencing, and expressing in our lives. They will always help move us in the direction of more openness, joy and love, and away from being close-minded, depressed, fearful and limited. We each have many different life-path possibilities, and if we are open to change we have a greater chance of fulfilling the various opportunities our souls present. In fact, when we truly open ourselves, we may become our own, infinite, possibility.

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