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Spring time bring lots of babies into the world and my world is no different! I recently welcomed a beautiful new granddaughter into my family. She touched my heart deeply, and I find her innocence and grace nothing less than profound. As I gazed into her pure clear eyes for the first time, I was struck with the holy perfection of life and love.

Here she was, ready to grow and become all that she can be. And, although she’s now completely dependent on others for all her needs, in time she will grow in strength and self-sufficiency. When babies are brought up in a loving and safe environment, they flourish and grow. They learn to trust and to bond with their caregivers as they develop and move more independently in the world, something which is an integral step in becoming heathy and successful adults. On the other hand, some babies are neglected and left to fend for themselves.

Forced self–sufficiency can create an armoring and defense around young children that can be very hard to crack. Those who grow up with their basic needs for food, shelter, and love, denied, often have to work extra hard to connect with others, and to be confident in life. But, a hard start doesn’t mean a person can’t overcome their unconscious programming and learn to love both themselves, and others.

On a soul level, there are many reasons why individuals may choose a difficult early life. Some choose this path so that they may develop much needed survival skills. However, many of these protection strategies must be dismantled and healed in order for love to be experienced more fully. Lucky for us, the soul knows what the individual needs to blossom.

Regardless of our soul’s chosen path, in striving to reclaim our perfect innocence, we become better people who, in turn, value others more deeply. We can reunite with our potential and become more connected to our soul, thus enabling us to realize our unique gifts.

Sometimes, instead of love we may think the answer is more money, more time, and more friends. Bringing love into any circumstance can bring peace, and with peace comes clearer inspiration. This inspiration can bring solutions, dreams, and occasionally, visions of who we are yet to be in our lives. The universe wants to support us on our path. Once free of internal blockages to love, the heart then freely expresses the divinity within.

Just as my tiny granddaughter is perfect exactly as she is, so too are we.  Our job is to trust and receive the goodness of life, to know that we are provided for, and to clear away any old programming that holds us back from fully experiencing the holy perfection of life and it’s greatest manifestation, that of love.

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