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The Natural Rhythm Of Life

Mother Earth is celebrating the recent shift in air, noise and pollution caused by people. The shelter in place order due to the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly reduced the toxic effects of cars, busyness and humankind’s insensitivity to the natural rhythms of life. Now that many people have more time at home with their families and less time on the roads there is a progressive healing that can be felt when one is still and quiet. Nature herself is renewing and healing. This gentleness break was deeply needed by our planet. May we all continue to have reverence for this beautiful body of earth, water and air that supports us and sustains us.

May all the mothers in this world feel cared for and held so that they too can care for and hold their babies. The cycle of life goes on even amidst the challenges brought about by financial stress or strain due to the shelter in place orders. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms - may this world be a wholesome place for your babies to grow.


Relax, Play and laugh Together!
Lockdown Lessons of Living

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