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Rekindling the Dreamer Within

When you hear the words: ”Open up to a world of possibilities.” What do you think? Be honest.Was your first thought “Yay! All kinds of amazing things can happen!” ? Or was there a little bit of a feeling of dread, as though something like “oh no, what could happen next?”crossed your mind? The first response shows that you believe life has the potential to surprise you in unexpected and happy ways. The second response indicates that your faith in life may have been shaken by the events that were beyond your control, and were most likely hard or painful.I remember when I was young, I had much more optimism than I do now, as life has brought some disappointments along the way that have eroded some of my ability to dream. Yet, I believe this ability to see the silver lining and hope for the best can be rekindled with a pure intent and some unbridled enthusiastic shifting of consciousness within the core of my being. A very simple affirmation I learned from a friend is “I now expect the best and get it.” This short phrase permits me to dream again and to open to a world of possibilities without having to know or understand how these positive outcomes can happen. I invite you to practice this affirmation and suggest smiling both inside and outside while you repeat it. Don’t ever give up on your dreams.

Twin Blessings