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I have heard it said that life is our mirror. The metaphysical meaning behind that statement, might imply that if there is a lot of chaos going on around me, then I must be in turmoil within myself. But on closer inspection, I have discovered that when I am truly peaceful within myself and there is drama or upset around me, that the universe may be using me as stabilizing point for those I love to come back into balance. I can mirror their higher self of peace and faith even when a situation may seem as though upheaval is all around. Their upset may represent my state of distress when I have forgotten that there is a loving and divine plan in place and all is well but when I am in a place of trusting life and what life is bringing to me as an opportunity for spiritual growth then the panic never has a chance to dwell in my heart. May we all strive to mirror the very best in one another.

I commit to love
Happy Halloween and may the Force be with you