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Love for Others

February brings Valentine’s Day and this holiday makes me think of love. As I get older, I find myself expanding my prayers and good wishes and love for my family and friends to a much larger population than ever before. Love is boundless and the transmission of love can transcend both time and space. Daily I send love and peace to various populations. Sometimes I focus on refugees, or abused women or neglected children, Other times I send prayers of love to all those alone in prisons or institutions.My prayers goes out to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and to those who are feeling hopeless and have lost their purpose in life, as well as many other populations each day depending on what guidance I receive in my morning meditation. I know these prayers may seem like a drop in a bucket but if we each send love to others who are suffering, our world can heal and humanity can know peace and love. This brotherly love is needed so much in this time. I wish you each a Happy Valentine's Day and as you hug your sweetie add a special prayer for someone else. Your love really does make a difference.

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