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I commit to love

Today I commit to love. You may be asking, “What does that mean?” Sometimes in life my first impulse is react unkindly rather than respond lovingly. If when I am upset by something, I take a minute to breathe deeply and pray for love to be present, then I interrupt the old patterned way of reacting from fear, anger or judgement. I quickly ask myself, “What would love do in this situation?”  When I am willing to step aside from my ego driven personality, with all its frailties of insecurity, judgements and fear and call in love instead, I become a conduit for the divine and can make a more conscious and loving choice about my response. Love is kind. Love is open and patient and tolerant. In my heart I know that love is what I am here for. Now is always the best time to choose love. With love as my guiding compass I make choices that support connection and build bridges with people rather than burning them. Today I commit to love. I invite you to join me.

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