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I Believe in Angels

Today I had an experience that reminded me that angels are among us and will intervene in diverting tragedy when appropriate. My 3 month old puppy got away and ran down the street into a busy road. I heard horns honking loudly and panicked to think she might get struck by a car and I would lose her forever. I dashed down the road towards the blaring horns and there in the distance I saw her. She was frozen in the middle of the road, terrified with traffic stopped in both directions. A kind man in a blue shirt had pulled his big construction truck over. He was down on his knees calling to this sweet tiny puppy with her pink collar on. But she couldn’t move. When I rounded the corner and saw that she was alive, I called to her. She darted towards me with frenzied delight. I cried when she jumped into my arms. The relief I felt was immense! The man comforted me and assured me all was OK. I felt like I had been touched by an angel through the kindness of this Good Samaritan and that angels had watched over my little one. Needless to say, I will not be letting this little pup out of my eyesight again unless she is in a safe place.

Happy Halloween and may the Force be with you
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