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Holiday Ups and Downs

Aloha and Happy Holidays!

As I pull out my holiday trimmings I am struck by both happiness and sadness. Memories of holidays from when my children were small, greet me as I unwrap precious ornaments made by their tiny hands.Then the reality of those four children all being busy adults now with their own lives and their own children,hits me with a thud in my heart. They are creating their own family traditions and memories just as I did with my children when we were young. This is the natural way of life, to raise children to be independent and then to let go. I am being called to create a meaningful holiday for myself this year that looks different than in years past. This year instead of expecting my kids to come and visit me, I intend to step out with my small dog , who is training to be a therapy dog, and visit some people who are alone at the holidays. Many elderly folks have lost the ones they love and feel isolated, especially during the time of year when families are gathering and sharing in the merriment of the season. My wish for you is that your holidays be filled with special moments of joy, love and peace and that you be willing to create new holiday traditions if needed.

Manifesting Gifts in 2020

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