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Relax, Play and laugh Together!

Father’s Day is this month and I am feeling especially thankful for all the loving dads and grandads out there in this world. I grew up without a strong loving male role model in my life so I am especially touched when I see dads with their little ones. Lots of fathers have had the opportunity to spend more quality time with their children during the Corona virus shelter in place restrictions. How very special for kids to get to see their dads relax, play and laugh together with them day after day. The bonding that comes with quality time, builds a foundation for trust and connection that can carry a child through the many changes that are happening in this world. Although this pandemic has brought numerous hardships, such as people having their worlds disrupted by financial strain, illness or stress, there is a ray of hope, that many families have bonded more deeply than before and that love will prevail. Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads out there and may you help your children to focus on their strengths and be tolerant of their weaknesses as well as to be resilient with the changes life brings. I wish that I had had a dad who had been that for me. You are blessed if you can do that for another.



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