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Flexibility and an open mind

My grandson just started middle school. His excitement for being in a new school was tremendous. When I asked him how he liked his new school after the first day he exclaimed with delight “I loved it!’ “Wow”, I thought! “Such enthusiasm for learning is refreshing.” He made new friends, processed new information and most importantly he kept his mind open to new ideas and ways of doing things. The gift of youth is still in his favor. He is flexible and adaptable. How can we as adults recapture the malleability of youth and stay “teachable”? Perhaps the answer, is to be willing to try new things and to let go of the old ideas about how life should be. When we cultivate an attitude of excitement about the unknown rather than fear or dread, we may just find that life brings us amazing surprises.

I Believe in Angels
Being Free To Be Me

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