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Business, Relationships, Finances, Career, Health, Spirit Messages and Soul's Path (Phone sessions available)

liahLiah is a gifted Hawaii psychic/ channel, medium, teacher, author and radio host. She offers valuable insight and inspiration through Psychic/ Channeled Readings, teaching classes in Psychic Development and Channeling and writing for three inspirational magazines. She has also appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Liah has a talent for weaving the mystical into the mundane aspects of life. Through her readings, classes, articles and radio shows, Liah offers a refreshing and uplifting approach that helps individuals to see their soul’s purpose behind the situations they find themselves in.

Liah believes that everyone is psychic and that intuition can be developed. She teaches classes both in person and via the internet in Psychic Development and Channeling. These classes are designed to help you improve your deepest inner knowing and enhance the quality of your life. You will be taught techniques to connect with your Higher Self and guides and learn how to listen to your soul’s wisdom.

Liah offers confidential and professional Psychic/Channeled readings and classes via the internet and in person. Since 1988 Liah has channeled a council of five beings from the Higher Realms who teach, uplift and guide humanity with their wisdom and love. This council of guides is comprised of: A Native American Elder, an Angelic Being, a Galactic Guide, an Indian Ayurvedic Practitioner, and a Fairy Guide. These five beings blend their energy together in one voice to speak through Psychic Maui Liah as “Hoiya” -- a divine, loving and wise presence. Hoiya answers questions about all aspects of life, including but not limited to: career, health, business and financial concerns, relationship issues and insights, soul’s path and purpose, spirit guides and messages from the other side of life.

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"A Psychic / Channeled reading can help you to know your gifts and understand your challenges."

"The insights gained in a psychic/channeled session will help you to make better decisions so you can have a happier, more successful life."



"My mission in life is to feel connected to Love and to help others to feel their connection to
Universal Love and know their Soul's path. It is my intent to be a pure channel for Universal Love and Wisdom and to teach others to access their Divine Self and Love through readings and classes.
I humbly offer my service to Spirit."


"I am here to help you remember your soul's calling"

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