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Liah is a naturally gifted psychic, channel and medium who has developed her talent through years of training, study and practice. She is a radio show host, teaches classes in psychic development and is the author of "A Guide to Life." Born an identical twin, Liah communicated with her twin sister telepathically from a young age and continues to do so to this day. This psychic sensitivity expanded and evolved in her early 20's when she had both an out of body experience and a visitation from the spirit of her deceased father. These paranormal occurrences propelled Liah along her soul's path of spiritual growth and development and thus began an intensive practice of meditation every day as well as extensive training in metaphysical studies and yoga. Her training includes: study at The Berkeley Psychic Institute in the 70's, Cassadega Spiritualist Community in the 80's, and with Geannie Tennant, a gifted Psychic and instructor. In the summer of 1988, Liah had a life changing spontaneous channeling experience that occurred when she connected with her first guide in her council of five guides. This meeting was preceded by a series of loud knocking on the wall during her meditations.


Shortly after this initial channeling experience, Liah met her channeling teacher, Anne Cataldo. Anne lovingly guided Liah to work with her guides. As Liah's psychic receptivity developed, her readings became more and more accurate and detailed. Her ability to bring forth messages from her council of guides has grown tremendously in recent decades. When Liah moved to Maui in 2004, her mediumship ability blossomed. She continued to open to this gift, and presently shares messages from deceased loved ones with her clients who want to reconnect with their beloveds in the spirit realm. Her guides have become her main teachers and instruct her on her soul's path. Liah continues to remain teachable and feels that everyone who comes into her life has something valuable to offer. Liah has expanded her psychic-channeling/mediumship work to include readings for individuals, couples, and groups. She serves clients globally via a phone conference line. Liah believes everyone is psychic and one simply needs to unlock the door to their own intuitive knowing. She has been teaching classes in psychic development since 1989. She has guided thousands of students to tap into their soul's wisdom and lead happier, more fulfilling lives and to become psychic readers themselves. Liah is a dedicated professional who is here to help humanity evolve to a higher plane. She offers 20 free on-line classes in Psychic Development. Liah is presently residing on Oahu.

Liah is the mother of four grown children and a grandmother. Her background is in education and psychology and she worked as a preschool/kindergarten teacher and nanny for many years. Liah enjoys meditating, reading, and hiking. She volunteers regularly in the community and cares deeply about our planet Earth and her inhabitants.

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