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Returning to Your Soul

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Today in Maui, the children are all heading back to school. The year will begin with a review of what they have learned, and then new lessons will be added. I remember the sadness of leaving the freedom of summer behind and entering into the structured world of school. Yet, once at my desk, I loved learning new things! I was an avid reader, and the language arts was my favorite area of study. On the other hand, math was difficult, and I always felt challenged with mastering the lessons. The open-mindedness to learn, also known as “beginner’s mind,” was natural as a child. As an adult, I find myself filtering and judging and sometimes having a closed mind to learning new subjects. Then I remind myself to become more childlike and receptive and less ridged. As a teacher of psychic development, I help students learn to return to their beginner’s mind and open to the voice of their higher guidance within. We each have invisible teachers and guides that are assisting us to become all that we can be. When we become the humble students, then we learn all we need to know to be happy, healthy and on purpose in our lives. My Psychic Immersion retreat on Maui begins Friday August 5th through August 9. Give yourself the gift of returning to your soul.


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