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Flowing with Planetary Energies

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Mercury, the planet associated with communication, went retrograde on Aug 31. This can often mean that plans get changed, or that technical devices used for transmitting electronic information can have glitches. Computers, recording devices and phones can be challenging during this period. For me, when I know that Mercury is retrograde for a 3 week period, I remind myself to be flexible and to be willing to adapt to schedule changes. I also try to be extra patient with myself if I double book someone or mix up an appointment time. Usually, I remember that there is a divine perfection in the universe, and if I can flow with unexpected changes, then I can maintain peace amidst the temporary chaos. A dear friend reminded me to stay positive during Mercury retrograde and to “Use the energies as best we can.” Oftentimes when something goes wacky with a piece of electronic equipment during a Mercury retrograde period, the device will fix itself when Mercury goes direct. The trick for me is to not panic when a necessary piece of equipment malfunctions. I am humbly reminded that there are big universal energies way larger than my small outlook on life that influence me and my world. What a blessing it is to get older and less reactive to Mercury's whimsical and mischievous energies!


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