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Balance in Life

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I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older and seen some of my friends retiring that there is value to living a balanced life. The friends that worked too much seem a bit lost in retirement mode, and the friends who always took time to travel and have fun seem to be adjusting to the lack of work quite well. Up until recently, I have been a bit unbalanced with the number of hours I work, leaving little room for play and relaxation. Luckily, I love my work and feel very blessed to be doing it. I especially enjoy the feeling of presence and peace I experience when I do psychic readings. Yet, the other part of my work: marketing, record keeping and booking appointments requires a much different energy and focus. This is where things can get overwhelming. I see now that it is beneficial to leave more room between my activities and balance the “doing” with “being”. There is a very great gift in stillness. Stillness must be cultivated regularly, not just in the morning with meditation. By simply checking in with myself throughout the day, I feel my heart beating in stillness, and in that moment, I remember what it feels like to “be” in my center. While I am in no hurry to retire, I do see that balance is a key element to living a fulfilling life now and in the future as well. Excuse me, as I am going to the beach!


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