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Authenticity Takes Courage

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Today I pulled an angel card called “truth.” I sat for a minute and reflected on what that angelic message means in my life right now. To be real, authentic, and truthful, takes courage and trust. I closed my eyes and asked inside to honestly know what area or aspect of myself needs to be brought into the light for healing and true transparency, both with myself and with others. The word “sparkle” came. It was then that I realized that today, rather than feeling like my inner light is dazzling and bright, I was feeling a little dull.

This awareness reminds me that no matter how long I have been on my spiritual path or how much meditation I do, there will be times when I need to work extra hard to access my inner light and shine. Sometimes, just being aware my light is low can shift my frequency from low to high, but sometimes I need to pray, chant, meditate, talk to a friend or simply take time to play.

For today, my inner sparkle is brighter because I admitted to a friend that I was feeling low. She lovingly listened while tears of truth were released. My heart felt lighter and my sparkle got brighter. That old adage, “share a trouble, cut it in half, share a joy and double it,” is true. May your life be filled with the light of your soul!


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