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I am visiting my family in Florida and feeling especially touched by my council of guides. They have been helping me to make important decisions regarding the health and well-being of my mother and brother who are both in nursing homes. My guides remind me to see the love factor in every situation and to understand that healing comes in many different guises. I am reminded that our spirit helpers are never too busy to assist in even the smallest matters if we ask them. Take a moment today to go inside and connect with your guides and ask for help in any area that may be troubling you. May your heart be held tenderly and your way be made clear. Liah

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Welcome to my very first blog post! I am excited about being able to connect with you more personally via this medium. I was thinking earlier today about what it is like to be a psychic in a world that can be very harsh, loud and intrusive. I have always been especially sensitive to sound, light, and energy. As I have developed my psychic abilities, I have needed to learn how to shield myself from both psychic attack and from psychic overload. Wherever you are on your path in psychic development, I want to offer to help you to be stronger and clearer via my on-line classes @ –sign up for Level 2 Intermediate, Classes 6 and 7 which specifically address how to clear your psychic space and shield yourself from negative energies. Learn to use your psychic sensitivity in a positive way! Best wishes to you! Liah

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